My Symptoms Didn't Seem to Match Coronavirus. But I Tested Positive

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      “The urgent care doctor listened to my lungs, which sounded fine, and diagnosed a run-of-the-mill virus,” Hollander said. “I can’t blame him. I wasn’t presenting any known coronavirus symptoms and he was doing the best he could with the information he had. Plus, he must have been frustrated with people coming in all day asking for a test that’s strictly reserved for the most dire cases.”

      That night, Hollander was scrolling through Twitter when he saw his old family friend, Brennan Spiegel, explaining a study that showed prolonged fever and diarrhea were symptoms of COVID-19, even in the absence of respiratory problems.

      The new study published online by the American Journal of Gastroenterology tracked 204 COVID-19 patients at three different Wuhan hospitals. Nearly half arrived at the hospital with digestive issues like loss of appetite and prolonged diarrhea as their chief complaint, not respiratory ailments.

      “These patients went to the hospital and were asked what brought them in,” Spiegel said. “They answered, ‘I’ve had no appetite for a week. I can’t eat. I feel terrible.’ They did not just complain of a cough. They did not just complain about shortness of breath. They did not just complain about the typical symptoms we’ve been told to watch for.

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      and yesterday they talked a lot about the early stage of infection.  Video is below but my summary: the virus has ways to inhibit your specific response to it so your best early defense is an active innate immune system. This may explain why children are better suited than older people — children have very active innate systems.

      Weeks ago the French and others started advising against ibuprofin and some NSAIDs. Some of their data was empirical, eg a correlation, but now the mechanism is being theorized. It looks like having a fever after exposure to the virus is a good sign but being asymptomatic may mean that the virus is suppressing your response to it.   OTC meds can suppress fever and chills but those are key parts of the body’s defense system against viruses.

      In yesterday’s lecture he went through studies and data that suggest both a natural fever and an induced elevated body temperature via sauna or hot bath seem to boost the body’s early defense.

      The guidelines that make people wait for a test until they have acute respiratory symptoms may be missing the best opportunity to prevent the virus from becoming pneumonia. IOW by the time you have shortness of breath you are at much higher risk of progressing to cytokine storm and needing hospitalization.


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      You mean we really do need 300 rolls of toilet paper?? 🤔

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      I’m pretty sure she had it. If so, the rest of us have shown no symptoms at all, which means we’re probably immune because we were most definitely exposed.

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      Germany is using it:
      <h1 class=”post-headline “>Germany could issue thousands of people coronavirus ‘immunity certificates’ so they can leave the lockdown early</h1>

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      People who don’t show the typical symptoms may not believe they’re sick, and be infecting others.

      I figure I’m probably safe, I had a sinus infection with a high fever in early March, was on antibiotics for seven days. Other than my usual sinus congestion because the weather keeps changing, I feel pretty good. Hope I’m not jinxing myself!

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      I’ve been saying this forever. This virus has likely been spreading for far longer than we thought. And it isn’t always the same symptoms. The symptoms can very easily be passed off as just the flu or a head cold. Some people don’t get symptoms at all.

      China knew about this virus in November. It was spreading in Wuhan at that time. There is a LOT of travelers that go through Wuhan. It’s a major hub and a city of 11 million people.

      This virus was already out long before anyone here knew about it.

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