Myopic Morality: The Rehabilitation of George W. Bush

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      There was a time when people were not kind to Ellen DeGeneres. In 1997, she was the first leading sitcom actress to come out of the closet… Her show was cancelled the following year… Times have changed for Ellen DeGeneres. She is reported to be “obscenely wealthy (according to Forbes, Ellen is the 15th-highest-paid celebrity in the world.”)… She is now among the rich and famous and powerful.

      Constance Grady exposes the limitations, and especially the evasiveness, of Ellen DeGeneres’ admonition to be “kind to one another.” In a Vox piece called “Ellen DeGeneres, George W. Bush and the death of uncritical niceness,” Grady writes, “The niceness that Ellen DeGeneres is celebrating in her friendship with George W. Bush . . . is not about kindness for the powerless. It is about kindness for the powerful, for the people who helped to set in place the problems the rest of us are currently living in.” Grady adds, “It’s about avoiding the messy social confrontations and awkwardness by being nice to those who have made the world a worse place.” As will be seen, Grady’s last statement has wide implications…

      More accurately: Why is a “gay Hollywood liberal sitting next to” the worst war criminal of the 21st Century…?  President Bush lied about Saddam Hussein having threatening weapons of mass destruction to justify invading defenseless Iraq… (resulting in) “1 million dead” Iraqis, “4.5 million displaced, 1 million to 2 million widows, 5 million orphans.”  …On the American side: some 4,550 military persons have been killed and over 33,000 wounded….

      There is an abundance of evidence to convict President Bush of war crimes… Iraqi-American writer Zainab Salbi described just how worse off Iraqi women became after being “liberated” by President Bush…The “torture chambers of Saddam Hussein are forever closed.” They were replaced by U.S. military-operated torture chambers at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad…Rev. (Andrew) Weaver and others dared to engage in what Constance Grady calls “messy social confrontations” in speaking reality and moral truth to political and ecclesiastical power…. they model a gospel of truth and justice – which is the purest form of kindness.

      Myopic Morality: The Rehabilitation of George W. Bush

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      If you are good hearted and want to forgive war criminal, by all means. Forgive your fellow man, but not the crime. The truth of the crime needs to be in the daylight, so that the crime does not continue. Ellen deserves the shit storm she got not for being nice, but for helping to cover and continue the crime.


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      I have read she is a far cry from “kind” to anyone working under her…

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      From things that I’ve read Ellen is an asset for the MIC..

      All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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      Who cares if a rich person decides to forget where she came from and take up for a rich war criminal.

      She and her rear end kissers in the media can paint George as the latest in cuddly toys all they want.There are enough people who will never forgive and never forget.

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