‘Mysterious Smell Gets Up Tehran Noses’

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      Sorry, can’t post link.  The story with above headline is online at “BBC Trending.”

      Thousands of Tehran residents complained about a bad smell in the air, described as “sulfurous” or “fishy”.  The smell made front-page news in Iran’s papers and trended on social media, while officials rushed to declare there was no cause for concern and that there was “nothing special” about the smell.  Locals were not convinced.  “When thousands of people have confirmed this bad smell, officials show up and say it is nothing!  That’s how we know that whatever they deny is in fact true.”  Journalist Mira Qorbanfar pointed out that Tehran’s pollution sensors – always on overdrive in the smoggy city – had registered a 40-point jump in air pollution after the smell was detected.

      Social media users showed their grim wit.

      ”The smell of embezzlement, theft, fraud, and oppression,” suggested one.

      ”This smell has been here for forty years; it’s only just been detected,” said another, referencing the 1979 coup that brought Islamist fundamentalists to power.

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      Joe Shlabotnik
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      Smells like the BBC”
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        Do you think the news is made up?  Seems doubtful, as quotes were attributed to named sources.

        Do you think the news is unimportant?  Apparently it was important enough to Iranians to cause a stir.

        Do you think it’s unimportant outside of Iran. and therefore shouldn’t have been picked up outside the country?  That can be argued.  But I think it’s the kind of local story that gives outsiders a flavor of a city.  Recently I read a similar story (may also have been BBC; don’t remember) about how buses in Rome often catch fire from being poorly maintained, and which quoted Roman citizens’ frustration with their faltering city government.**   That is also “yellow journalism”, by your standard.  You’d prefer that journalists speak nothing but praise for the governments of Italy  and Iran – and America, too?

        Myself, I found the story entertaining and enlightening.  A smell bad enough to make headlines across Iran and trend on social media must have been quite something to experience.  And Iranian use of social media to thumb their nose at their masters makes me smile.

        ** Edit:  I found the Roman bus article.  It is BBC, written in May 2018, and is entitled “Why do Rome’s buses keep catching fire?”

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      Hope Tehran does not have to experience what happened to Californians near the Aliso Canyon gas leak.


      There is a video.  Then scroll down just a short distance for a map.

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