Mystery of missing votes deepens as Congress investigates Georgia

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      This is an interesting piece on election fraud in Georgia from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. It’s long, but quite damning:

      To find a clue about what might have gone wrong with Georgia’s election last fall, look no further than voting machine No. 3 at the Winterville Train Depot outside Athens.

      On machine No. 3, Republicans won every race. On each of the other six machines in that precinct, Democrats won every race.

      The odds of an anomaly that large are less than 1 in 1 million, according to a statistician’s analysis in court documents. The strange results would disappear if votes for Democratic and Republican candidates were flipped on machine No. 3.

      It just so happens that this occurred in Republican Brian Kemp’s home precinct, where he initially had a problem voting when his yellow voter access card didn’t work because a poll worker forgot to activate it. At the time, Kemp was secretary of state — Georgia’s top election official — and running for governor in a tight contest with Democrat Stacey Abrams.

      Full story here.

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      Hi ob,

      In 2004 I volunteered for the Martin Frost Congressional reelection campaign in Dallas Texas.  At the time Representative Frost was the longest serving democrat in the House.  Unemployed at the time, I had the opportunity to do many things for the campaign as I spent over 20 hours at campaign HQ each week.  One of my last assignments was serving as a poll clerk in my precinct on election day.  The precinct chair was Republican and quite dismissive of the Democratic clerks she had to accommodate.  However, the most significant part of this election was the first use of electronic polling machines throughout Texas.

      This is what I observed on election day.  The new machines used touchscreen technology and the senior citizens were understandably nervous.  As a polling clerk, I was not allowed to touch a machine for any voter other than to demonstrate machine functionality prior to each voter marking their ballot.  However, in many cases the senior citizens would ask me to stand by them as they voted for reassurance.

      I estimate that I observed roughly 300 Voters cast their ballots that day.  Repeatedly, the machines would transform a straight party democratic ticket vote to all republican.  And selectively, the machines would transform a vote for John Kerry to Dubya.  The voters were shocked to see the machine make such mistakes when viewing the review page of all selections before actually casting their vote.

      In those cases where I was an observer, I had the ability to nullify the trial vote and reset the machine for the voter.  Once reset, the machine would normally cast the correct vote until the next voter stepped up.  One voting machine was so bad that it was taken out of service midday after I complained to campaign HQ.  These errors were replicated all across Dallas County that day.  I often wonder to this day how many voters never bothered to review their ballots prior to casting their final votes.

      My experience in this election led me to leave the Democratic party for two reasons: an unwillingness to address electronic voting machine fraud and money in politics.  That day taught me that American elections are for sale to the highest bidder and the most corrupt state sanctioned voting machine companies.  It appears that nothing has changed in the intervening years since November 2004.


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