NASA’s Voyager 2 probe receives first commands since March, sends back a hello

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      The Voyager 2 probe, one of NASA’s most well-traveled spacecraft, has been unable to communicate with Earth for the past eight months. Voyager 2 has been wandering alone at the edge of interstellar space, gathering data some 11.6 billion miles from Earth and sending it back to us.

      Fortunately, it appears Voyager 2 remains blissfully unaware of all the terrible things that have occurred on Earth since March.

      NASA’s Deep Space Network allows Earth-bound scientists to communicate with spacecraft and rovers across the solar system. The network consists of three huge telescopes located in the US, Spain and Australia.

      Although the probe is now 43 years old, it just keeps on truckin’. A year ago, Voyager 2 scientists published new data collected by the probe as it passed into interstellar space. Earlier this year, before DSS43 was taken offline, Voyager 2 suffered a glitch that shut down its science instruments but it was quickly back online and ready to continue performing its experiments.

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