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      If airlines are truly poised to go under, they should be nationalized at a significant discount. If assistance is provided, it cannot be without strings, which must include an ownership stake along with a commitment to meeting public goals that would include integrated planning, a better passenger experience, and protections for workers.

      (Re)nationalized airlines should be planned as part of a broader transportation system, with the goal of reducing unnecessary air travel, particularly on short-haul routes, to achieve emissions reductions. Ideally, this would be in conjunction with a rail system that is also returned to public ownership, which would allow for improvements to reliability, frequency, and a reduction in ticket prices to encourage people to use trains instead of cars and planes. This would enable a public intercity transport authority to effectively plan for the public’s mobility needs by diverting more resources into the rail system, while eliminating short-haul flight routes where the same trip can be taken on a train in a reasonable time.

      In practice, a focus on reducing emissions while keeping trips affordable and ensuring people can reach their destinations in a similar time frame as an entire air journey, including time to and from the airport and going through security, would allow for resources to be diverted from air to improving rail service throughout the United Kingdom and on many routes to the continent. Train services are already competitive with flights between major centers in the United Kingdom, and that will only improve with HS2 and High Speed North. A public rail system could also improve services to smaller cities and communities around the country.

      Already, train services are time-competitive with flights to cities in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and even parts of western Germany. However, reaching those destinations by train can often cost more than booking a discount flight. An intercity transport authority, in cooperation with partners on the continent, must work to change that by pricing in the externalities of air travel and reducing the price of train journeys in recognition of the broader social and economic benefits of increasing access to transport services and connections between peoples.

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      if they insist ipon private airlines they need to take over their own security and air traffic control, an equity stake in return for bail outs, and no executive bonuses and related stuff.

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      There is no point in rehashing all the things wrong with the airlines, but US airline execs have demonstrated that they are not really that good at running a business

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      Do away with 1st class too!

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