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    Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign will face the scrutiny Clinton got in 2016. Here’s what voters missed.

    The media didn’t consider him a real contender the last time, so what press he got was largely positive. That’s about to change.

    By Zac Petkanas, president, Petkanas Strategies LLC and a former senior aide to Hillary Clinton
    The ultimate problem that Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., faces right now, after announcing his intention to again seek the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, is that Democratic voters aren’t fully aware of his record — yet.

    That may seem counterintuitive after the rough 2016 primary and his supporters’ blanketing of social media. But, in truth, the 2016 Clinton campaign never named him in a single negative television or digital ad. And the media never truly educated the primary voting public with the intensity reserved for candidates seen as viable: His underdog status protected him then, but he won’t have that this time around.




    Bring. It. On.

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    he needs to come out strong for limited nuclear energy policy – only as a supplement to renewable energy where needed (just to make it realistic to some people).

    he needs to be very clear when articulating how to handle financial regulation/too big to fail banks.   he got smacked last time for stating we should break up the banks, without being given a chance to clarify on the air how that should be done.   if this is done strictly through higher regulation – and not actually breaking them up – i hope he spells out the pros and cons for each course of action.







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    Zac’s still smarting over his and hillary’s total fuck-up.

    What press he got was positive? In what bizarro world.? I’m not worried about Bernie handling an aggressive press.

    As you said – bring it on.

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    winter is coming
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    This is bullshit.  Since when have the Clintons left any stone unturned when it comes to attacking opponents?

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    Umm…wasn’t there a series of Washington Post articles over a couple of days that attacked him? Most of it bs.

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      Sixteen articles  in sixteen hours around the time of the Flint, MI debate, if I recall correctly.

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    David the Gnome
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    Right there with you.  Bring it on.  Assholes.  We’re ready.

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    The premise is that  Bernie was treated with kid gloves in 2016.

    Ask yourself this…..

    It the premise was true, then what brought on the open defiance at the Democratic national convention? Or 11 million people leaving the party in a movement called #DemExit? Or worse yet, outright purged and then accused of divisiveness?

    Many dumb shit partisans would answer with the default answer: Russians.  The truthful answer is because of how Bernie was treated on a multiple of levels including by the DNC.

    Many of us have been on the offensive since that time. Part of what drives our anger is the incessant lies. For example, we collectively embrace Russians. Another example, we collectively are bigots. Such lies fuel our outright hatred for establishment Democrats and the blind supporters that not only follow them over the cliff, but openly participate in Bernie’s character assassination. They cannot argue policy because it is a losing proposition. So instead they make it personal and they do so dishonestly.

    They earned every minute of Trump’s tenure.

    Prepare for attack? Who here did not see it coming? The 2016 primaries prepared us already. We don’t need such warning from a corporate mouthpiece.


    "I welcome their hatred" Franklin D Roosevelt

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    Everyday I’m happy that Wikileaks exposed the DNC and hillarytheidiot.

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      Same here. Whoever leaked that info (Seth Rich?) performed a great public service.

      If you give a man enough rope, it will be six inches too short. This is not the nature of rope- it is the nature of man.

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    But, in truth, the 2016 Clinton campaign never named him in a single negative television or digital ad.

    Oops, forgot to mention her paid troll army attacking him.


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    Clinton and her gang were exposed by the light of day. Wikileaks comes to  mind.

    Bernie shines like a diamond in the light of day.  He’s been a righteous public servant and decent human being for all the time he’s been in office, and probably since long before that.

    Progressives welcome light, truth, and transparency. New Democrats and Republicans hide under rocks or in coffins before the sun comes up.  They desperately scurry under the counters when someone turns the light on in the kitchen at night. They cannot stand the light because when they are exposed it becomes crystal clear that they serve wealthy private interests to the detriment of we the people.  We know them by their fruits, and by the record of the wealthy private interests that legally bribe them to do their bidding.

    I will never forget the disgusting lies and propaganda that many malicious Clinton supporters spread during the 2016 campaign. Only extremely icky, creepy, corrupt, and dishonest people would do such a thing, and it’s all documented forever in the disgusting duplicitous false filth they threw at Bernie and progressives during the 2016 campaign. They are not the kind of people I would ever associate with in my daily life. They’ve already earned my permanent contempt, and I suspect the contempt of every other progressive, who they  repeatedly viciously slandered and libeled as racists, misogynists, etc, without just cause or evidence.


    They deliberately made all that bad stuff up to deliberately harm innocent people all by their bad little selves, and some ironic twist of justice saw fit to bring them Trump as a result of their ugly, heinous perfidy.

    Unfortunately, the rest of us were made to suffer also.  And, unfortunately, they’re fixin’ to do it all over again,

    For every filthy lie that they tell about Bernie, and us, we will respond by telling the truth about them.

    That’s how we win.


    Promote Freedom From Religion, and Separation of Church and State.

    See how much you will pay for Healthcare under Bernie Sanders Medicare for All plan:
    Together, together, my friends, we have begun a political revolution to transform America, and that revolution, our revolution, continues! ~ Bernie

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Indeed. Just the facts ma’am. That’s the way forward to victory for progressives in 2020.

      We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.--Franklin Delano Roosevelt

      With Bernie Sanders, we have the receipts. --Nina Turner

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    Nothing the corporate whores hate worse than a progressive campaign fueled by the small donations of actual voters. No doubt the DNC is already in league with the media to make Biden the annointed frontrunner on an eventual boring, bland corporate-backed, safe for them, status quo Biden/Klobuchar ticket. The only thing that can prevent that outcome is us. Judging by the response to Bernie’s announcement, it would appear we are off to a good start. Let’s do this.

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    Land of Enchantment
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    You nailed it. Welcome to JPR! 

    “Hope is the feathered thing that perches in your heart.” ~ Emily Dickinson

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    …and we’re up to the task!

    They’ll go down in flames as a true popular uprising sweeps Bernie Sanders into office!

    The human race has few (if any) problems that couldn’t be solved by massive wealth.  And we’re literally surrounded by it, like a fly in amber.  Now if we only had brains… —Ben Bova

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    Just to point out this is just basic gaslighting. We’ve already seen it a lot, and we will see a lot more.

    It’s not at all intended for Bernie supporters. The audience is non-supporters, or maybe those on the fence, to reinforce the idea (and revise history) that Bernie is a weak candidate (“Bernie had it super easy in 2016, but as a 2020 frontrunner things will be far tougher!”).

    The intended takeaway is: get out there, troll all the discussion boards, and remind everyone, “Bernie can’t win (so you better get behind the serious candidate instead).”


    Proclaiming a populist policy makes you Bernie Sanders like singing ‘Yesterday’ makes you Paul McCartney.

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    Prepare for attack??  Prepare??  Hasn’t he been continually attacked since he started his campaign for 2016 which has not yet ceased????

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