ncreasing share of Americans favor a single government program to provide health care coverage

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      While divisions remain within the Democratic Party about the best way to provide health insurance, increasing shares across most demographic and ideological groups support a single national government program.

      Very liberal Democrats, who in 2019 constituted 15% of Democratic registered voters, are far more likely than liberal Democrats (32% of Democrats) and moderates and conservatives (51%) to say that health insurance should be provided by a single government program.

      White Democrats remain more likely than those of other races and ethnicities to support a single national program, but White, Black and Hispanic Democrats have each increased their support for a single national program by about 10 percentage points since last year.

      A similar pattern emerges with age: Younger Democrats are still more supportive than older Democrats, but Democrats of all ages have increased their support over the past year.

      Comment by Don McCanne of PNHP: The Pew American Trends Panel survey tends to provide results demonstrating lower percentages of support for a single national government program to provide health care coverage than do other polls on the topic, but that is likely due to the design of the Pew polling questionnaire.

      The Pew poll asks a two part question. First they ask if it is the federal government’s responsibility to make sure all Americans have health care coverage. In the most recent poll, 63% say that it is. Then only those who say it is are asked if health insurance should be provided through a single national health insurance system run by the government or should it continue to be provided through a mix of private insurance companies and government programs. The other 37% are not asked this question but rather are asked whether or not programs like Medicare and Medicaid for seniors and the very poor should be continued. Thus if everyone who said that it was the responsibility of government to make sure that all Americans have health insurance coverage chose a single national health insurance system over a mix of private insurers and government programs, then the maximum would be only 63%, since the other 37% weren’t asked the single payer question. In the current poll, 36% chose a single national health insurance system, but that is 57% of those who were actually asked.

      Compared to one year ago, about the same percentage say that health coverage should be a government responsibility, but the percentage supporting a single national program has increased over those supporting a mix of government and private programs. This would suggest that people are becoming even less satisfied with the private sector which would include employer-sponsored plans and private individual plans. This may have been precipitated by disappointment with plans that failed individuals during the coronavirus pandemic. The government is a more reliable provider of health care coverage than is the private sector, and more people are realizing that.

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      The only thing the insurance companies do is pay bills and say no. By going to Medicare for All we would have one payer taking care of it all – can you imagine your boss having a payer for every department in your company? This above all else would save money for our healthcare.


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