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    NE Humane Society: Bring all pets inside

    By Hailey Konnath / World-Herald staff writer Updated 3 hrs ago

    The bitterly cold temperatures in the forecast call for pet owners to bring all pets indoors, said Pam Wiese, spokeswoman for the Nebraska Humane Society.
    The general rule is if the temperature gets below 40 degrees, babies and older pets should come inside, Wiese said. If it gets below 20 degrees, everyone should come inside.
    Saturday night’s low comes with a wind chill of 28-below zero, according to the National Weather Service.

    If a pet can’t come inside, it should be brought into a garage or given adequate, warm shelter outside, she said.

    FULL story: http://www.omaha.com/weather/humane-society-bring-all-pets-inside/article_30890c46-c483-11e6-a0d8-b71b8f8a777f.html

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    1. My Collins Is Safely Tucked In The Basement

    He goes to the open basement door – sniffs the air – and returns to his warm bed – looking at me like are you crazy.

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