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      But now Nero works too.


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      I will bet he commented on it because he thinks playing a violin makes him look “cultured.”

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      Seriously. He’s making “W” look competent and that’s incredibly hard to do…


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      Maybe if twitter had existed back then, Nero too would have tweeted rather than fiddled. 😉

      National problems (slavery/racism, income inequality, pathetic health care, weak unions) are not solved with more states' rights. Global problems (climate change, migration, trade, war, pandemics) are not solved with more national sovereignty.

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      At least Nero could play an instrument.  But the fact that they so fucking obviously DON’T FUCKING GET IT bugs the hell out of me. Are they really that ignorant? Most of these people in high political positions have college degrees, how can they not know something that fundamental…basic middle school stuff.

      Or what is even more disturbing, is maybe there is no “explanation”. Maybe that IS the message: “Hey look…Trump is Nero. He’s fucking around while everything is going to Hell. Fuck all y’alls; have a nice day. MAGA!”

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      Corporatism is the legal fiction that property can be people.

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