Netanyahu hails 'new era' with Brazil

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      France 24:

      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed what he said would be a “new era” in ties with “great power” Brazil ahead of a meeting Friday with the Latin American country’s incoming far-right leader, Jair Bolsonaro.

      Netanyahu also stressed that he was going to press Bolsonaro on an announcement — since walked back — that Brazil would follow the United States in moving its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

      “The president-elect (Bolsonaro) announced he would (transfer the embassy). You can be certain I will speak with him about that in our first meeting,” Netanyahu, speaking Hebrew, told reporters on his flight before it landed in Rio de Janeiro.

      The leader was greeted at the airport with a red carpet unrolled next to his El Al plane, and tropical sunshine. It was the first-ever visit to Brazil by an Israeli prime minister.

      (full story here)

      Fascists in love. Charming.

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      Although, the boy would certainly win the Trophy Wife prize.

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