New discovery could lead to breakthrough in treating diabetes

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      Note–this sounds more helpful fory Type I than thype II diabetics, as the problem with the latter is insulin resistance, which results in higher than average inslin levels. Adding 5% to that probably won’t make much difference, but for Type Is, who anre unable to make insulin, it could be helpful.

      The researchers made the discovery while analyzing cells in the pancreas, the organ where cells that regulate blood sugar are produced. They found that approximately two percent of cells in the pancreas were able to change their identity.

      What’s more, they found that the process of changing a cell’s identity can be dictated by manipulating signals and activity in surrounding cells. The team was successfully able to increase the number of cells that could change their identities to five percent in animal models.

      “If we gain more knowledge about the mechanisms behind this cell flexibility, then we could possibly be able to control the process and change more cells’ identities so that more insulin can be produced,” said Ghila.

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