New documents show strange handling of absentee ballots in North Carolina

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      And an outside analysis found that rates of unreturned absentee ballots in two of the state’s 9th District counties were “extreme statistical outliers.”


      In the batch of affidavits released Sunday, registered voter Christopher Eason of Bladenboro alleges he gave his signed but otherwise blank mail-in absentee ballot directly to Dowless, who had been hired by the chief strategist for Harris’ campaign. It’s illegal for anyone other than a close relative or guardian to take a person’s ballot.

      “I signed the absentee ballot envelope but left the ballot completely blank. I did not make any selections in any of the contests on the ballot,” Eason said in his affidavit signed Dec. 7, adding Dowless came to his home and asked for his absentee ballot.


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      Why would anyone give a stranger an unmarked ballot?

      Really:  a person is that trusting?  The first thing I would think is that this person could take my ballot and mark it for his candidate.

      We have all too many gullible citizens and that is why we have this farce for a government.

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      Breaking election laws is nothing new in the world. Been going on since people started voting in large numbers. People will go to great lengths to attain power. We know this.

      The real problem has been this, election fraud is a crime. Election fraud is a white collar crime for a better definition. White collar crime for a long time has been given a pass, while victimless crime has been prosecuted up and beyond justification. The excuses for giving white collar crime a pass are endless. One of the excuses is it takes so much money and time to make a case, then the jury does not understand the case. It is a lame justification to not bring a person who committed a white collar crime to justice.

      As for election fraud, look who are making the laws and do the hiring of court personnel. Then make lame justifications for inaction. It is the same people who benefit.

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      NC republikkkans are experts at voter fraud and voter suppression against people of color.

      They do it with surgical precision.

      <span style=”font-size: 8pt;”>awaiting permission from one of those hamsters</span>



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