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  • Paper Roses (328 posts)
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    New group? Seniors

    Hi everyone, since there are many old timers here, how about a group titled “Seniors”?

    We have all kinds of groups available but I don’t know where to post things that may be relevant to Seniors. Not just political stuff….


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  • zoolook67 (627 posts)
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    1. What's that? Speak up!

    Yes, a great idea. Thanks for bringing it up.

    Living well is the best revenge.
  • 99thMonkey (3769 posts)
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    2. At 73,, I think I would "qualify"

    Great idea!  ..I’m there.

  • Deadpool (11035 posts)
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    3. Sounds great to me. I'll PM you.

    Now, what were we talking about? I forget. 

    • Paper Roses (328 posts)
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      4. Phooey, I forgot what I was talking about but:

      I made a note…now, if I can find the note…Oops, here it is:


      Yes, we do need a Seniors group. I won’t forget to look! (after my nap)

    • Paper Roses (328 posts)
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      5. Hi Deadpool,

      I replied to your PM and got an error message. Signed out and when I came back, my reply was listed twice. Same thoughts apply. Sorry about the dupe, Having a little trouble with the site this PM.

  • LiberalElite (5567 posts)
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    6. there were a couple of posts in this group – but

    now they’re gone.  What happened?

    I feel much better since I've given up hope