New Integrity Initiative leak: Make Muslims love NATO, target anti-frackers, plan for nuclear war

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      Light In The Darkness
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      A new batch of leaked files from the covert influence network exposes how the Integrity Initiative recruits high-flying businessmen for intel ops, shows UK Muslims “why NATO matters” and prepares for nuclear conflict with Russia.

      With the UK Foreign Office and NATO-backed organization still reeling from previous leaks whose authenticity it has not attempted to disprove, the fifth tranche of internal communications was uploaded to a public server this week under the name of hacktivist group Anonymous. As before, it features the London-based group clandestinely meddling in various areas of civilian life for the benefit of its own undeclared objectives.

      Top business executives on ‘patriot’ list

      The Integrity Initiative’s network of loyal journalists and academics has already been uncovered, but “speaking notes” for an address given in Israel in the summer of 2018 by its director, Daniel Lafayeedney, show that its scope of intelligence asset recruitment is much broader. Additionally, his words blow apart the group’s half-hearted assertions that it is not a branch of military intelligence by another name, but simply a public organization fighting Russian disinformation.

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      Joe Shlabotnik
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      Holy crap these leaks, and this story just keep getting better (or rather horrifying worse).

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      the neocons’ position has always been that the threat of nuclear war/winter wasn’t just overblown, but a big salient of Moscow’s “Active Measures” to slip false narratives into the free press (America’s freedoms were the biggest threat to our freedoms, whereas they had a “closed society”): if we were afraid WWIII would mean the end of America/humanity, then they’d drive through the Fulda Gap, cross the Rhine, and end in Greenland and West Sahara

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