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  • zoolook67 (525 posts)
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    New leftist groups just since the election

    “Here’s an overview of some of the new efforts launched since November 9. It’s by no means comprehensive, but we started with a list of 75 new groups and whittled them down to some of the most interesting or promising. They’re not presented in any kind of ranked order. Our hope is that knowing how others are standing up to Trump will inspire more readers to get involved.”


    I haven’t checked any of these out, yet, but I’m generally more excited by groups/people who are working FOR something or someone rather

    than just against Trump.

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    Living well is the best revenge.

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  • oldandhappy (2865 posts)
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    1. Cool! Thank you.

    This is encouraging.

    • zoolook67 (525 posts)
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      2. You are welcome, oldandhappy

      I wish they had published the whole list, though.

      Living well is the best revenge.
      • Snort McDork (1574 posts)
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        3. I know who I'm voting for in 2018

        • NuttyFluffers (1772 posts)
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          4. Giant Meteor wants to give everyone a happy ending — at the same time!

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