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      If you’re a new member, welcome to JPR. Please feel free to say hi below.

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      So Far From Heaven
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      That the new look??

      Seems pretty chickenish to me.

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      But I lurk quite well!


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      Utopian Leftist
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      What the heck, I have never signed one of these before.

      I’ve been here since 2016, came from Fort Voldemort, never looked back.

      I sure miss Third-way Manny. He cracked me up royally. Anyone know what became of him?

      "All fascism is a result of a failure of the left to provide a viable alternative." ~ Trotsky

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      Bernie Boomer
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      Changed my screen name because I just don’t feel very “enlightened” these days . . . though I’m afraid I’m still long-winded and pedantic (I promise to try and keep it in check).
      Working to get Bernie in the White House, where I hope he can ram some democratic socialist sense down the throats of the hide-bound Dems in Congress. Have developed super-hearing that allows me to recognize the whining tone of the CheetoBoy in less than a syllable – and the speed to hit mute before I am assaulted with idiocy. Handy skill, though not really something that would impress the corporate overlords. Recently took a “strengths test” at work (save us from industrial psych, Bernie!) that revealed I should be living in a remote cave with a full library, internet access, cats, and no people. Surprisingly accurate, that one.

      *reads above, sighs*

      Obviously, I’m not losing long-winded anytime soon. Sorry, everyone . . .

      Bernie Boomer
      (previously known as Enlightenment)

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      Lurker, finally joined. 🙂

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      Since being purged from that other site for supporting Bernie. I’ve been lurking but have not posted. I had some serious personal issue which kept me from posting but now I’m back.

      Just a heads up, they are purging Bernie supporters again at that other site. So expect more traffic.

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      Does “resurrected” count as “new”?

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      Former 1.0 member. MyDogsBFF or something similar. Mostly posted on climate, conservation, animal, & garden stuff. And cyber. Dutifully remain daily lurker.

      I re-enrolled the night Bernie SMASHED the Fox gig (3/9/20 ?). It may be nostalgia now but his surgical execution during this event was insanely amazing to me. I have not seen or heard a more compelling or coherent reason to support LIFE in my advanced adult-hood. Yes, it was that inspiring.

      I am 53yo guy with 78yo parents and 28yo son and soon a grandson!!! I am a long and unabashed Wellstone prog.


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        When yhou feel like it, of course.

        Jesus: Hey, Dad? God: Yes, Son? Jesus: Western civilization followed me home. Can I keep it? God: Certainly not! And put it down this minute--you don't know where it's been! Tom Robbins in Another Roadside Attraction

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      for the one stop news on this issue.


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      Back when there were board issues and we all had to re-register I never got around to it, though I did everything I could to support both Bernie’s campaigns. Never did post much, but always been a daily lurker. You can use any definition of ‘mad’  for the first part of my screen name. They’re all equally true. Cheers.

      Edited due to damn auto-correct.


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      Hello, I am a long time JPR but have been away for a while due to illness and caring for grandkids while their parents are working. However, I am experiencing a message when trying to post that says I am somehow violating the policies here.  I have not been here in over a year (even though my profile says I ‘ve only been a member for a year when it is more like 2 or 3 years).  I see your awesome redo on the website and like it btw. I am not sure why I cannot post or why the message says I am somehow disobeying something, I do not know what. BTW it asked me for my IP address and I sent it with a request from the staff about this matter but Have not heard back.

      Frankly, I love being home and not running here and there but enjoying being inside by myself.  Take care and have fun with your self-whatever-isolation you are experiencing. Hopefully, it is keeping the website busy enough to be busy but not to busy jamming up the lines.


      Sincerely, Cat Sullivan (CatInSeattle)


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      After a long break from all political boards I’m back.  I would swear that I had an account here, or maybe it was at Democrats for Progress.   Anyway, it’s good to see some familiar names, and I wonder where some of my old friends have gone other than those I know on Facebook.


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      as evident by the username, although I’m not actually evil. Just voted for Benie today via mail-in ballot in NY. Not that it matters anymore…

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