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    New tree discovered in the Andes

    There’s still more out there that we do not know:

    Hidden Inca treasure: Remarkable new tree discovered in the Andes
    September 7, 2017
    by Katie Neal
    Wake Forest University

    Hidden in plain sight – that’s how researchers describe their discovery of a new genus of large forest tree commonly found, yet previously scientifically unknown, in the tropical Andes.

    . . . .

    Named Incadendron esseri (literally “Esser’s tree of the Inca”), the tree is a new genus and species commonly found along an ancient Inca path in Peru, the Trocha Unión. Its association with the land of the Inca empire inspired its scientific name.

    So how could a canopy tree stretching up to 100 feet tall and spanning nearly two feet in diameter go undetected until now?

    “Incadendron tells us a lot about how little we understand life on our planet. Here is a tree that ranges from southern Peru to Ecuador, that is abundant on the landscape, and yet it was unknown,” said Miles Silman, the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation Presidential Chair in Conservation Biology at Wake Forest.

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    1. What did the natives call this tree before it was "discovered?"

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      2. Big tree with nuts

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