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    New York Dems Prepping Chelsea Clinton For Congressional Run

    Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton is being prepped to run for Congress, The New York Post reported Thursday night, when Rep. Nita Lowey’s seat becomes vacant.

    A source told the Post, “There has been a lot of speculation within New York Democratic circles about Lowey’s retirement and Chelsea running for the seat. There is a belief that Chappaqua is a logical place for Chelsea to run, because it would be straightforward for her to raise money and build a powerful base.”

    Lowey, who has served in the House since 1988 and is 79 years old, represents Rockland and Westchester counties, which includes Chappaqua, where Bill and Hillary Clinton currently reside.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/11/11/report-new-york-dems-prepping-chelsea-clinton-for-congressional-run/#ixzz4PisyBfWS

    God help us – do these people ever learn? Hopefully this is just a rumor..


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21 replies
  • tk2kewl (1803 posts)
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    1. WTF

    • Akallabeth (2234 posts)
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      19. She lives in Manhattan, not Westchester


      "Out of many, one"
  • PennLawyer (2376 posts)
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    2. THAT'S why they bought that 2nd house -establish legal residency

    not for just a weekend getaway to let Abuela Hillary play with the grandkids.

  • larkrake (324 posts)
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    3. The Foundation investigation is going forward, she wont skate

  • frylock (1396 posts)
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    4. Nobody could see this coming.

    Fucking. Go. AWAY!

  • antigop (899 posts)
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    5. oh, good lord. nt

  • shanti (374 posts)
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    6. you have GOT to be kidding me

    even the bushes have better sense than the clintons, it appears.

    Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed. Mahatma Ghandi
    • mylye2222 (64 posts)
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      16. Yup!

      Even Bushes understood Jeb! s fall and concluded their Dynasty era is OVER!Haha!

      • Dragon Turtle (198 posts)
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        17. Guess the Bushes are

        not the attention hogs/class clowns like the Clintons are.  The Bushes are evil that can reign in their egos more.  But the Clintons always want to be the center of attention have huge egos and are narcissistic.

        iTunes and apple are WITHOUT HONOR. They work Chinese slave laborers like Romulan emperors and profit like Ferengi money changers. (? Klingon warrior)
  • hippiechick (1351 posts)
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    7. How daft are these people?


  • Rozinante (3694 posts)
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    8. I'll be damned…who knew Rikers had Representation in Congress?

  • Bluesuedeshoes (2309 posts)
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    9. Well, that didn' take long. Muahahahhaha!!!

  • arikara (882 posts)
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    10. They never give up, do they?

    If Trump does nothing else, I hope he locks the Clintons up and throws away the key.

  • goodgirl (2184 posts)
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    11. Well this is no surprise.

    It is still puke worthy, however.  :puke:

    Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.    John F. Kennedy
  • Coyote Walks (169 posts)
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    12. Are you *bleep*ing kidding me?

    No, I guess not.

    These idiots never learn.

  • Night Shifter (482 posts)
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    13. Good God no!

    She is.more out of touch with reality than her parents are.

  • dreamnightwind (1356 posts)
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    14. That party has become little more than zombies – eom

  • Calico (460 posts)
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    15. They think they're the Nouveau Kennedys.

    The country does not owe them jobs!

  • Betty Karlson (3974 posts)
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    18. So basically, we still have to fight on two fronts.

    Well, at least this woman has her father’s intelligence and her mother’s empathy, which is not a winning combination. Being married to a hedge fund manager won’t help the little trollop either.

    "Someone hacks the DNC allowing all of America to see how the DNC operates as one of the most corrupt political machines in national history. Ergo, Hillary Clinton should be installed as President by judicial fiat. And if you do not agree to this scheme you deserve to be brought up on charges of treason because fascism." - NUGrrl, december 2016 “Once a person has been determined to be an UNTRUSTWORTHY LIAR, their pretend stances on important issues are simply not relevant to rational discussion.” – Ida Briggs, September 2016
  • Whisp (2047 posts)
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    20. The Clintons are doing this so their donors hang on to hope of pay to play again

    I doubt Chelsea could win a pie eating contest.

    She does not have her mothers psychopathic nature nor her father’s ability to steal from you while you smile. She is a dull child of two super predators.

    “Non-conformity is the only real passion worth being ruled by.” ― Julian Assange
  • cascadiance (2794 posts)
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    21. *CANCER* is a tough disease to get rid of Democrats…

    You need to be persistent to fighting it continually.  JUST SAY F’ING “NO!” to any more of the Clinton Cancer that has been destroying this party!  Chelsea GO AWAY!!!!

    Vote AGAINST the race to the bottom by both corporate parties who seek to screw workers over globally!