Next-Generation Batteries Will Be Brought to You by AI

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      The traditional way of generating battery performance data involves continually pumping energy into battery cells until they die. Researchers may have to spend years charging and discharging batteries thousands of times over to get the results they need. This is how researchers predict battery degradation, and the process is critical for developing safer batteries that are less prone to combustion. When considering the dramatically increasing, yet relatively new, adoption of electric vehicles and residential solar+storage, it’s clear there’s little time to waste.

      Taking a system-level approach, battery scientists can apply AI to more efficiently test and understand battery packs, their integration, and their expected performance. This application of AI also encompasses various cell types, their different chemistries and expected performance, and can help determine the optimal methods for distributing energy within multiple batteries or packs.

      AI can unlock useful combinations of materials that would not have otherwise been considered. Applying AI to materials discovery has yielded interesting results in many other areas, such as superconductors, and it appears highly promising in batteries.

      While most efforts to improve batteries over the last few decades have focused on battery chemistry, changing the physics of batteries has been proven to increase battery density, capacity, safety, and other key performance metrics. AI can help battery scientists better understand structure-property relationships at the electrode level, in order to design the best battery structure for any given application. Depending on how the battery will be used and other technical specifications, AI can make profound recommendations on possible structural designs that result in optimized battery performance.

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