Nicaragua Notes: Rebuilding Update After Hurricanes Eta and Iota

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      Due to the government’s commendable disaster preparedness and evacuation efforts, 21 lives were lost (far less than in other Central American countries). But the material damages are quite significant. Some 6,000 homes were destroyed and 38,000 damaged, along with 92 schools, 112 health centers, 115 bridges, and 4,107 kilometers of highway.

      On Nov. 27, of the 160,597 people in shelters, only 3,743 people remain from Waspam and Bilwi. They are provided with food, security and health care until they are able to restore their lives. More than 99% of electrical service has been restored and 97% of communication service.

      Over 350,000 sheets of zinc galvanized roofing have been sent to aid families in home rebuilding in the Caribbean and another 150,000 are on the way. At the end of November, a new contingent of doctors left for the north Caribbean, heading to Rosita, Sahsa and Prinzapolka, to assist families affected by Hurricanes Iota and Eta.

      Virgilio Silva, President of the National Port Company, reported that the Government will build a dock and tourist complex in the city of Bilwi in the Northern Caribbean. The construction will be done in three stages starting with the concrete pier. 80% of the pier was destroyed in the two hurricanes. Some of the pier was temporarily repaired to be able to receive diesel, gasoline and items for repairing homes.

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