Nick Brana: Our Revolution. The Left After Sanders. Movements vs New Party.. Can A 3rd Party Win? / JT video

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      We have single member representative districts and winner-take-all primary elections. This makes it highly unlikely that a third party can break the grip of the two big parties. The only chance third parties have is non-partisan offices and election reform measures like ranked-choice voting. There is a chance a state or two might shift to proportional representation, which would allow third parties to sneak in. A better approach for progressives is to undermine Democratic Party support and hand all the offices to Republicans, thereby making the Democratic Party vulnerable to a takeover. This would require 20 or 30 years, but it’s what the Republicans did following their huge Goldwater debacle. Another tactic is to emulate the Tea Party and challenge quisling Democrats in primary elections.

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      These guys speak everything I and every progressive must be thinking about now. We simply cannot allow Biden, if he wins, which is up in the air, but in anticipation, to not have actual consequences if he thumbs his nose at progressives, same as it ever was.

      Our Revolution, with or without Sanders, has to organize, and be relevant enough, and unified enough, BEFORE NOVEMBER to make a list of demands.  Keep it simple, keep it doable. A public option with a path to single payer. $15 min wage. Wall Street regulation, re-set taxes to go back to at least before the Bush Jr. tax cuts to the 1% with a vow to invest in SS.   And like these guys said, make a deadline. By the convention maybe. Even if later, October sometime. Let there be no doubt we gave them every opportunity. Then if Biden and the Clintonistas still laugh us off, confident that they can win with Never Trumper corporatists, then go full Def Con 1 and flood the airwaves wherever we can, but speak with one voice. Which is difficult with progressives I know. We have more disparage of views I think than those on the right in general. Which is why we must keep the list simple and short for now.

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      Jan Boehmerman
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      Note his comment on how the DNC adjusts their level of cheating in order to win.  In other words, if Bernie had been more persistent,…. they still would have cheated him out of it.

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