Nina Turner: It will be live-streamed

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    Yay! Then…

    Just go to “Bernie Sanders” YouTube channel. It will be there.

    Must see TV!

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    yep-  Subscribe to Bernie’s YouTube channel too!  It’ll tell you anytime Bernie’s livestreaming.  He livestreams just about all of his events.

    In the weeks before the debate where his voice was wore out, he was holding events basically Every day, and livestreamed them all.

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    Great! I’ll be looking forward to watching it. Especially AOC.


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    Bernie 4 2020
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    This should be great.  It’s showtime folks. The revolution has now officially begun. Damn, this should really be fun.

    Sanders 2020

    The revolution will "EVENTUALLY" be televised. Wait it out. It's coming soon.
    The time is NOW for "Medicare for all" and 'Tuition free college". Vote your conscience and do the right thing.
    We may NEVER get this opportunity again. And NEVER is a long ass time.

    "The" six words: Experienced. Clear. Forward Looking. Positive. Pro-Active.

    I have over 100 pictures associated with this account under the media tab. Feel free to share.

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