No access: Remote learning widens US digital divide for students

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      Good article on the arrogant assumption that all children can just stay home and participate in online classes from Al Jazeera:


      Across the US, a digital divide that predated the pandemic has only gotten wider as schools grapple with how to educate children when full-time, in-person learning still isn’t safe.

      Some 4.4 million US households with school-aged children did not have consistent access to a computer as of September 28, and 3.7 million did not have regular internet access, according to an analysis of US Census Bureau figures by USAFacts, a nonpartisan data site.

      Educators worry that the ongoing economic fallout means that when families are forced to choose between paying for food, medicine and the internet, the number of children without access could surge – along with disparities in education.


      The United Nations Children’s Fund estimates that 463 million children worldwide – about one in three – lack access to the tools they need for remote learning. And as the pandemic grinds on, experts worry that disparities in who can access school now could have long-term consequences for children in the future.

      Full story here

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