No Afghans will be let into Kabul airport, only foreigners – Taliban

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      The Taliban has said it will no longer permit Afghans to leave the country via Kabul airport, calling on the west not to encourage the educated elite to flee, as the new rulers reiterated foreigners must be evacuated by August 31.

      Speaking on Tuesday afternoon, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid announced that the Islamist militant group would no longer allow Afghans to access Kabul airport in an attempt to flee the country.

      Mujahid stated they were not in favor of allowing Afghans to leave, adding that foreigners could continue to use the airport until the August 31 deadline.

      Taking aim at the west, the spokesman demanded that western powers refrain from evacuating Afghanistan’s educated elite, such as doctors and engineers.

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      Though of course a better analogy is Communist Russia, whose government claimed it was being exploited by having its doctors leave, after getting their degrees for free. On the other, other, hand, the Taliban could be a bit of both, as revenge is likely a factor, that and extracting cooperation from those allowed to leave.

      They might only allow some members of families to leave, thus ensuring leverage.

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      It is always like this when it happens. Does no one remember Cambodia and South Vietnam? The British leaving India and Palestine? No amount of planning works, because things always go wrong. At least there won’t be a Killing Fields redux in Afghanistan. Even the Taliban aren’t that bloody-minded.

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