No Charges for Officer After NYPD Finds He Raped a Minor

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      Two New York Police Department officers were fired this year after a disciplinary trial judge wrote that they had engaged in “shocking professional and sexual misconduct” with a teenage girl who was a member of one of the department’s youth programs, departmental records show.

      The two former officers, Yaser Shohatee and Sanad Musallam, had sexual contact with the girl, who was 15 at the time of most of the events, the records say, and together exchanged more than 1,500 texts with her over the course of more than a year, some of which included sexually explicit messages.

      The girl was interviewed by state prosecutors as part of a sex trafficking investigation but stopped cooperating, according to a spokesperson for the Brooklyn district attorney. Shohatee, who is now 41, and Musallam, 34, were not criminally charged, but prosecutors referred their findings to the Police Department’s internal affairs bureau, and the two were tried together.

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      A Simple Game
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      but instead would be referred to my employers HR department?  Sounds fair to me.

      Hey, it could have been worse, they could have been selling loose cigarettes on a street corner.

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        Jim Lane
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        I’m guessing that the police department’s internal disciplinary proceedings have fewer procedural protections for the accused. At a criminal trial, however, the Sixth Amendment would give these dissolute cops the right to confront their accuser. If she’s unwilling to testify in open court and be subject to cross-examination, the prosecutor might be unable to build a case.

        This rule may seem like a bad idea to you – right up until the moment the DA tries to convict you of a crime based on testimony you aren’t allowed to hear.

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          Much more than you ever expend to defend innocent victims, Jim. 🤔

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          A Simple Game
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          I was thinking more along the line of, the internal police investigation was as much intimidation as it was investigation.  I could be wrong.

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