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      I just finished and submitted my federal income tax. Turbo Tax only tried to upsell me on one thing, the audit assistance, but they rated my audit risk as “low” so they kind of argued against themselves on that one. We get a refund, unlike last year. Yay!

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      According to my friends in Russia, any income tax is handled by your employer. They are always amazed by how much time, and money, we have to spend preparing taxes.

      Of course, like healthcare, changing that would devastate a middleman business sector.

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      I got a notice from the IRS that I owed the federal government five thousand plus dollars.  Upset I went to the local high school math teacher who did taxes on the side.  He straightened the mess out and we ended up with a couple hundred dollars to the good.  Not sure what went wrong with Turbo Tax, but it had something to do with my Morgan Stanley investments.  If you have a simple tax return, Turbo Tax is okay.

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