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    Non-secure links from secure home page

    Checking links from https://jackpineradicals.com/

    • left sidebar — secure
    • Latest Breaking News — unsecured
    • Recent Posts — secure
    • The Daily Radical — unsecured
    • Greatest Topics — secure

    By unsecured vs. secure, I mean http vs. https.

    Accidental or on purpose?

    The effect on users is that if they’re logged in to the secure side (so that communication companies can’t easily grab their passwords), they are not logged in when they go to the unsecured pages, so they can’t reply or recommend unless they take the time to manually add the missing “s” to the URL.  It’s not a huge deal, but I thought I’d point it out.

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  • ThinkingANew (1363 posts)
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    1. I can verify this

    I have seen the same thing

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  • MannyGoldstein (2286 posts)
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    2. Thanks for this.

    Not on purpose, and it might be a clue to the random logout issue we have (or might not be a clue).

    Basically, the site was not designed for https – it just happens to work, although apparently not all of the time! I will start to look at this more closely soon, after some other issues get cleaned up.

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