North Carolina's Infamous 11 ft 8 inch Bridge Will Soon Be Raised

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    I have some bad news for those of you who enjoyed watching box trucks get sardine can’d on Durham, North Carolina’s most famous unforgiving bridge: the brutal 11 Foot 8 bridge. Miserably but rationally, the cruel, truck-roof-hungry bridge will be raised, to 12 feet four inches. This rail overpass has been a meager 11 feet, eight inches high for over a century!

    Sure, truck drivers will be happy to not turn their trucks into convertibles, but what about us? What about those of us who loved watching the videos? Or, more importantly, what about all those sweet, sweet clicks we got by reposting the videos shot by the 11foot8 camera? We’re the real victims here.


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    NV Wino
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    I think we’ll still see some action. A mere 4” is nothing.

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      Flying Squirrel
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      8 inches. There will still be some action – do they not have an overheight detector and flashing lights?

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        yes, with a big flashing sign to warn overheight trucks. they still ignore it….

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    My wife worked in an old Durham County building right behind one of these bridges and they’d hear The Crunch outside everytime a too-tall box truck ran under the bridge. They installed huge I-beam preventers just ahead of these bridges but trucks are still getting can-open’ed… just not hitting the actual bridge.

    @flyingsquirrel. .. there aren’t any height detectors but there are clearance signs on the approach to all, and flashing lights on the approach to at least one of them that I remember (just south of the intersection of Main St. and Gregson St.–the bridge crosses over Gregson), but apparently not all drivers read the signs, and/or don’t know their truck’s height.

    The still frame of the flashing lights in the foreground, looking down the road, on the documentary @pam2 posted is the Gregson St. bridge near downtown Durham… in the Brightleaf Square shopping and food area.

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    I can’t believe they’re not raising it more. Standard height for truck clearance is 13-6. Is that the one they call the can opener?

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    I figured it had to be a rail trestle. The railroad companies never upgrade that stuff when they should. Road crossings are the responsibility of the local authorities, too. They are more protective of their rights-of-way than any other entity.

    Which is probably why the authority that finally got them to raise it at all was likely not allowed to excavate the road deeper under the trestle. That would make more sense, but getting the rail company to agree would have been even more difficult than the relatively simple task of pulling teeth in comparison.

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