North Korean hackers thought to be behind $100m cryptocurrency heist

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      There are strong indications that North Korea’s Lazarus Group may be responsible for this theft, based on the nature of the hack and the subsequent laundering of the stolen funds, another firm, Elliptic, said in a report on Thursday.

      “The thief is attempting to break the transaction trail back to the original theft,” the report said. “This makes it easier to cash out the funds at an exchange.”

      US officials say Lazarus is controlled by the Reconnaissance General Bureau, North Korea’s primary intelligence organisation. It has been accused of involvement in the “WannaCry” ransomware attacks, hacks of international banks and customer accounts, and the 2014 cyber-attacks against Sony Pictures Entertainment.

      If confirmed, last week’s attack would be the eighth this year – involving $1bn in stolen funds – that could be confidently attributed to North Korea, Chainalysis said. The thefts account for 60% of all funds stolen so far this year, it added. The regime has poured resources into stealing cryptocurrencies in recent years and was responsible for one of the largest cryptocurrency heists on record in March, in which almost $615m was stolen, according to the US Treasury.

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      You mean they actually have educations and technology? You’re not saying….I’ve been LIED to? Say it ain’t so!

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