Northern Ireland's violent past looms over last-ditch Brexit talks

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    LONDON — In Ireland, we say the past is never over. And it has come back to haunt us as the prospect of a disorderly Brexit looms.

    I was 9 years old when the war we euphemistically call “the Troubles” began in Northern Ireland.

    “Troubles” doesn’t come close to describing it.

    I vividly recall the bloodstained images of the attack on civil rights marchers by police in 1968 that set off this terrible explosion of violence. It was a war that not only killed more than 3,700, it injured an estimated 47,000 people in at least 37,000 shootings and over 16,000 bombings.

    I feel much better since I gave up hope.

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    Of course it does, and it should. My darker side thinks Boris Johnson and his extreme right wing Tory faction would welcome a return to the Troubles, for that would give them an excuse to take more authoritarian measures inside of England itself.

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    Hopefully the 6 counties will vote to reunite with the Republic of Ireland relatively soon, and all their Troubles will be gone.

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    The whole Brexit thing was stupid to begin with. It was poorly thought out and largely a reactionary measure to immigration from other countries.

    The UK has a morale duty (I would at least argue) to come up with a solution that solves the boarder issue between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. If they don’t then they might as well be holding the guns and bombs that will inevitably end up killing thousands of lives.

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