Nothing's Happening to the Officer Who Misidentified Bird Shit as Cocaine in the Arrest of a Young Black Man

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    But the $2 test that cops administered on the side of a dark road without wearing gloves was horribly wrong. In the past, similar tests have flagged powdered milk as cocaine, cotton candy as meth, and vitamins as oxycodone.

    Despite the test’s questionable history, the Saluda sheriff’s office determined in an internal investigation that Browder did nothing worth reprimanding, according to records obtained by the Greenville News, so the deputy won’t be punished for an incident that could’ve risked Werts’ athletic career.

    Werts was ultimately cleared of the cocaine charges because results from the state’s drug lab didn’t find any evidence of illicit drugs in the samples sent by police. The lab results were expedited and came back within eight days — but it can take up to six months for results to come back and clear someone else in a less high-profile case, according to the Greenville News.

    And after Werts’ arrest made national sports media headlines, Saluda County Chief Deputy Toby Horne told the Greenville News that his deputies would no longer charge somebody solely based off the results of a presumptive drug tests. In fact, that’s what they should’ve been doing all along. The tests are known to produce false positives, so police departments are supposed to be trained in how to properly administer the tests and then weigh the results against other evidence before making an arrest. For example, the test results might be taken more seriously if the person cops are questioning has a record of prior drug convictions or is found with drug paraphernalia.

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    Living while Black is a criminal offense for too many.

    We are an arrogant species, believing our fantasy based "facts" are better than the other person's fake facts.

    If you are wrong, it will be because you are not cynical enough.

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    Stupid following stupid who supposedly do not cocaine from bird shit.

    The real reason this test is still being used is simple. It gives a reason for the cops to make more arrest and say, “Just doing my job!”

    I had a boss like that who would purposely fuck up an order and say, “Just trying to make some money!” Of course it is all bullshit.

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    i’m not sure what to say about this vice article..   the inclusion of the term “arrest of young black man” seemed a little gratuitous when i first saw it.    i read the article and it seems like overt racism since the tested sample came from the hood of the car.    after reading a WaPo story about the original arrest, it seems the cops may have been suspicious that he didn’t stop immediately.    that is understandable but the vice story is sexing it up for clicks.   hmmm



    “I’m not going to pull over in the dark where no one around can see,” he said on the dash-cam video. “You know what’s been going on in the world. No offense to you, but I just didn’t feel comfortable, officer.”

    Once he did stop, though, police quickly zeroed in on a “white powder” on the hood of his car, as officers described it in the report. Werts, sounding confused, told police repeatedly that he’d tried to wash off bird poop but had mostly succeeded in smearing it all over the hood.

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      The stupidity of this cop is just mind blowing.  After doing 80 mph and driving several miles this cop still thinks something stuck on the hood of a car is cocaine?  Why?  Just because a test well know for it’s inaccuracy told him so?  Ok, so everything to a cop is black/white, right/wrong and nothing in between, but why in the world would he be stupid enough to even do the test in the first place?  He should be fired for stupidity alone.

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    The individual cop is not at fault. He was following departmental procedures he thought were correct. Most cop problems are systemic, not personal. We need to realize this, or risk falling into the “few bad apples” trap.

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    But did they ever catch the real criminal?

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