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Home Main Forums Help & Q&A Notifications now showing-up on my gmail account?

  • 99thMonkey (2444 posts)
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    Notifications now showing-up on my gmail account?

    This just started happening, so I now get an email for every response to any OP that I post, and I don’t recall changing any of my settings to allow this, plus I’m having difficulty even finding which setting I can change to turn this function OFF.

    It’s super-annoying as my gmail is already glutted with other stuff, and it’s a hassle to have to delete every one of these emails.


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  • SurrealAmerican (423 posts)
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    1. This happened to me a few weeks ago.

    If you go into “my JPR”, click on settings and email, and you can stop it.

    I never did figure out why it started.

    • 99thMonkey (2444 posts)
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      3. Got it!! Thank you very much Surreal. I owe you one.


  • LuckyDog (640 posts)
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    2. Yup, had this happen too

    It seems to have dissipated somewhat.  I know I inadvertently clicked the button at the bottom left once that calls for email notification of any response, but it was on a thread that someone else started.

    That drove me crazy cuz it was on a busy thread and my email box would be full of such replies by everyone to that thread when I opened it.  Not just my reply.

    That button is too close to the post reply button if you ask me.  Either that or they have to make mobile devices’ keyboards bigger for these aging old man’s hands, eh?

    I am getting good at work arounds whenever I’m posting and pooof! it disappears right in the middle of me typing and I also get bounced off.  So I have to log in again, find the thread and re-post my reply.  Bummer.

    • 99thMonkey (2444 posts)
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      4. Thanks for your reply. Surreal's suggestion worked like a charm

      Unbeknown to me I had ALL my activity on JPR set to send me emails. But now it’s all fixed.