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      And headers have vanished on replies. Not disastrous, just letting you know.

      on edit: can access ‘My JPR’ again. titles on replies still missing but still, one bug quashed! Thanks

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      I noticed that. There are also no longer title boxes for the replies. Hey, is that a good thing? Let me know what you think. @sffh @Deadpool we can no longer click on MyJPR but I kind of like the no title boxes for replies. Makes it impossible to get trapped in there, anyway.

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        I could go either way on the title boxes. Also ‘Register’ option doesn’t let me click either, but I don’t know if that is because I am registered or not


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        Interestingly enough, if I just go directly to my member page using the url, I can see my page just fine. Just can use the menu item to get there.

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      Is this just happening, or is someone messing with the code?

      The result of continuous improvement?

      (just kidding, thanks for the site)

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      Land of Enchantment
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      Thanks, yes we know….there was a conflict with a plugin and WordPress…thanks


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      Are we ready to leave WordPress, yet?

      I bet, if given the chance and time, we can find a better solution that does not screw up the website on a daily basis. Set up a Q&A team, I’m willing to help.

      This is *EXACTLY* why I object to WordPress because every day it breaks something and you guys have to figure out what broke. I know this from experience because I used to admin an WordPress site.

      Oh, and why is “f x c k” a verboten word?

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        Land of Enchantment
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        Specifically, what do you suggest? We built two sites before this one…

        The first was on Vanilla. Their tech people guaranteed us that we could have threaded replies and a navigation tree. They were wrong. That one was about a month down the drain..

        Next we tried vBulletin. Purchased it as a hosting package. They also promised both of those features and they also lied.

        What we learned from all that is that after spending hundreds of dollars and DAYS of work on tech ‘chats’ with their employees we (and they) discovered the features we wanted had been discontinued and were no longer available and could not be hacked in to the sites. In other words, neither of those could provide our two primary concerns, threaded discussion and a navigation tree.

        Matariki was a genius and sadly we no longer have her here. She is the reason we had all the amazing features on v2.0 as she wrote the code for it. For instance, when we used to get a notification someone had replied we could click on it and it took us to that reply. Matariki wrote the code for that along with the code for many other features everyone took for granted. This a whole, new ball of wax. We don’t want hand written code again (because it interferes with the many, many plugins) and breaks things. We are hiring people to create custom plugins so we can have most of the features we are missing here.

        You think you are frustrated? We have been at this since September. The staging site was working perfectly (this one– through Word Press) and we spent weeks testing it before launching 3.0

        We are all ears for suggestions and constructive criticism. I have to say the tone of some comments is-well, not helpful. We have enlisted the help of six of our members who have badass computer skills and they have been a tremendous help. Yesterday the server for the hosting site crashed. That screwed up a LOT of things.

        I appreciate very much your offer to help–I will ask the powers that be to send you a PM so you guys can all discuss this. It’s over my head, I will readily admit my skills lie elsewhere and I’ve been busy with all the other things that are required to get his place going.

        One last thing, we are doing this because we genuinely care about our members. We have the honor of being in friendships with the members of this site who we never would have met had it not been for one progressive candidate in 2016 who brought us all together. Our goal is to make this THE place for progressives, to organize and do everything in our power to get progressives elected to office in order to benefit everyone. We are all in this together.

        Thank you for your offer and SFFH will reply to you in this thread and send you a PM to discuss whatever you want.


        “Hope is the feathered thing that perches in your heart.” ~ Emily Dickinson

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        So Far From Heaven
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        Unless someone can show me any other software that actually DOES what we want, no way Jose.

        WordPress didn’t get to several hundreds of millions of users by being garbage. You can’t say fuck because the industry doesn’t want you to say fuck. It’s becoming a real hassle and it isn’t going to get any better any time soon. It would cost sites literally hundreds of millions of dollars annually to get off of spam site lists if they didn’t fight it to the max, and that’s one way they are doing it. If you were an admin and actually read up on the history of why the blacklist is being implemented you’d see that there are approximately 100 million or so sites sponsoring it as well as a multitude of external spam tools.

        We have had at least 60 to 70 known spam registration attempts in the last two weeks alone. One of them gets in and we have some serious trouble in a seriously short amount of time. I have emptied the moderating phrase and blacklist word and phrase folders and the ‘problem’ persists. I will get around it one way or the other as time goes on. In the meantime, how about not using the word fuck. There are a lot of other words you can use.

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          First of all, I appreciate all your efforts. It really sounds like a nightmare. A real eye-opener.

          Second, I know you are frustrated. But the problem with the forbidden words goes far, far beyond the F word. I trust you know that .  I have confidence this will get hammered out.

          When you get a donations link worked out I will be happy to contribute…

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            Land of Enchantment
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            Thank you, N2Doc. We went from a test site that worked perfectly to weird breakdowns of things that had worked just fine—please bear with us a little longer…

            “Hope is the feathered thing that perches in your heart.” ~ Emily Dickinson

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          If a spammer does ‘get-in’, what can done by the members?

          This is being asked for a number of reasons. One reason this is asked is because the blue ‘REPORT’ link is missing.

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      retired liberal
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      I like the Title Box. Often I can say what I want in just the Title Box.

      Also with no Title Box we can’t have a list of replies under the OP, as with JPR2 and (shudder) SV.
      I for one find that quite useful when revisiting a thread to find new responses.

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        So Far From Heaven
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        We have to have the title box.

        Period. Whether @ohiobarbarian or anyone else wants or doesn’t want it is immaterial. We have to have it to have a slug suffix to use a custom discussion tree like we had on JPR 2.0. No title to replies, no tree. End of discussion. We will get there. Please be patient.

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      First: You guys are kicking ass!


      Everybody just needs to get a grip and when one way of posting doesn’t work,

      then F-ing TRY ANOTHER!.


      Man hours trying to get this platform working must number in the 1000s…

      Just ’cause everything worked for YOU in 2.0 doesn’t mean to say it worked well

      for everybody. Which if you have been paying attention YOU’D KNOW ALREADY.

      They didn’t just spring this, they’re been working on this for MONTHS!


      So give our site admins a break and quitcherbellyaching!


      Now go listen to some of the Fabulous Music I’ve been posting in

      and Chill Out.

      I suggest Tom Rapp’s masterpiece Balaclava, some of the most beautiful folk/rock music ever recorded.



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        Land of Enchantment
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        Wow! Thanks!

        On building this platform (and the prior two that didn’t work out) …

        no assault and battery reported yet..

        no one has filed for divorce yet…

        no long term friendships destroyed yet…

        no contemplation of jumping of a tall bridge yet…

        no drug/achohol problems yet…

        what else???? I guess that about covers it. We did this so the many members imprisoned in the title box on v2.0 could post again and to be FREE of effing Captcha that ATE innumerable OP and replies…

        Seriously, we are working hard on this-and have enlisted the help of six very smart and skilled members to help…and they are making great progress…

        Better days ahead and we will. not. give. up….



        “Hope is the feathered thing that perches in your heart.” ~ Emily Dickinson

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      Same here!

      There are no indicators that a ‘new’ reply has been posted…..oh pretty frustrating to say the least but I’m still here kicking a bit.


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      I can’t either.

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