Now that Bernie has endorsed Groper Joe, I really smell Klobuchar as the VP pick

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      Of all the top 10 or 11 or so options (it will be a woman) being floated, she would be the worst, and she is the most corpodem to boot, so he likely goes with the female Kaine-in-a-skirt. The VP slot will be the best lane to POTUS, especially with the Sundowner on track to being 80 years old or over for more than 3/4ers of a 2 term presidency and perhaps a 1-termer. Klobuchar checks almost every box for a SV DINO type.

      1 She is a corporatist neoliberal, and is very hostile to actual social democratic (progressive I suppose you would call them) initiatives.

      2 She is a hawk, and will have Shillary syndrome, the need to blow shit up to prove to the boys she doesn’t need a cock to swing around to be a toughie.

      3 She is a female, and tbf, I think many if the DINO types, especially the other white women, bitter and greedy as they are, would prefer one of their own, ie. whitebread.

      4 She is ill-tempered and a real cunt, abusive and headstrong, just like so many a DINO. She by nature hates what they hate, fundamental change coming from the left. She will never be afraid to put the hammer down on feckless lefties.

      5 Deep down, she, like Biden, is a law and order type. she will pay lip service to legal justice, but she has a track record, like Biden, of pushing PoC into prison, and the most RW corpo Dummicrats love them some private prisons.

      Bonus points: Klobuchar, of the 10 or 11 most floated, is the biggest FUCK YOU to progs.

      I probably missed some things, but that is my rough outline, please feel free to correct or add as you wish.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Another reason to pick her is that she might help Biden carry Minnesota, which I think he is almost certain to lose without her. The Vichy Democrat Party election strategy is always to win by the smallest margin possible, and if they lose they really don’t care anyway since their donors are just fine with most Republican policies.

      As for the DINO term, I submit that Klobuchar’s not a DINO. Biden’s not a DINO. I’m a DINO because I’m a registered Democrat. Go to DU and they’ll tell you that Bernie is a DINO because he’s not a real Democrat, no matter how much he sucks up to their Chosen Tool. They can have that party. I’m done with it.

      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

      Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.--Harry Truman

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        I did think about adding MN, bust I think others could help there too (Whitmer for one). But yes, Klobuchar would be the best insurance policy there. I would put MN in 2nd tier of critical states, I think Biden wins it, BUT if we loses it, then he probably loses the election.

        When I use DINO, I mean to say that Biden and Klobuchar, Manchin, Sinema, Coons, etc, are basically moderate Republicans in Dem cloaks. I can totally see what your self-labelling as one means too.

        The election will come down just a few states (if Trump is to win again)





        Michigan is almost to the point I put it as a Dem lean, the other 3 are pure toss ups, especially WI and FL

        If Trump wins WI and FL, he has 270, so the Dems would have to flip BOTH NE-2 and ME-2 to win, as if they flip only one of those (and WIN all the rest on the map, including PA and MI) it ends up 269-269 and Trump wins in the House as the Repubs will have 26 delegations (or more)

        here is the map as I see it now

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          Jim Lane
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          The major change I’d make is to switch the colors of Iowa and North Carolina.  Iowa has moved red; Trump won it by almost ten points.  North Carolina is more of a tossup.  Obama carried it in 2008, and Trump’s margin was only about 3.7%.  The Republican brand there has been hurt somewhat by the outrage at Richard Burr’s insider trading.  He’s not up for re-election this year but the taint will have an effect.

          You write, “If Trump wins WI and FL, he has 270, so the Dems would have to flip BOTH NE-2 and ME-2 to win….”  If the Democrats take Michigan and Pennsylvania, they could win, without those CD’s, with either North Carolina or Arizona.

          Of course, all these prognostications so far in advance are tenuous.  By November it could be pretty clear which way the election will go.  At present, though, I agree with your overall assessment that the election will be competitive — no sure thing for either side.

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            A couple points

            1 In regards to WI and FL going to Trump, I meant the rest of the map staying the same, and the even the Dems winning MI and PA will still result in a 270-268 loss or a 269-269 tie (if they only flip one of the 2 split districts in ME and NE) with Trump winning in the House. Only Flipping BOTH ME-2 and NE-2 would give the Dems the win if the map stays the same and the Dems win MI and PA,and Trump wins WI and FL. I hope that clears it up, and remember I called them both for Trump on this map. There is a chance that Biden wins most or all of the non bright Red states if it turns into a rout. I do not see a Trump rout if he wins, which I know is very contrarian for this board (if people are here think Trump will win states like CO, VA, NM, etc, I really have to question their predictive abilities.) I do have pretty good record on US POTUS elections, I nailed all the states in 2016 except for NH and MN, which I had going to Trump (and both almost did.)  I am on a recorded record too with this, as I gave a lecture on the Thursday before the 2016 elections at an elite gymnasiet (high school) here in Stockholm that my m8 teaches at. I had around 100 young Swedes boo me at the end (when I laid out who I thought would win, lol) but I handed out copies of my EC predictions, and a week or so after the election, my m8 invited me back and they gave me a grudging round of applause for about 20 seconds (plus I still help 10 or so of them with their uni studies on occasion.)

            2, As for IA and NC, remember, I am talking about NOW, and yes IA is fairly Red, but they are pissed with the way Trump has fucked them about in agricultural trade. NC will be hard to flip as well, I think, unless Biden goes with a Stacey Abrams type for VP. Klobuchar is a damp squib in terms of energising the under 40yo vote, the prog vote, and also the under 50yo black vote. If he goes with Abrams, I would probably slide NC or to light, light Blue. In terms of IA, I might end up up doing that as well, BUT I will agree with you that IA will be a tough pull. It is still far too early to make a call for any of the states not a bright colour. WI and FL are nightmares to predict. I  think MI is the most likely to go Blue of the 4 pushes, with PA the 2nd most likely to flip back to Blue, but is still leaning Trump.

            WI is SO corrupt, so gerrymandered (I know gerrymandering doesn’t directly count for POTUS, but it indirectly does when the Rethugs voter superess via rules and laws that result from that supermajority) that in 2012, the Repugs lost the majority of the statewide vote, but still won a SUPERMAJORITY in the state Assembly! They maintained it despite barely winning a majority of the popular vote in 2014, and 2016.

            here is an updated map to reflect my switching on IA and NC based off further research spawned by your comment.


            and a gun to my head call ATM putting all as decided

            Biden could lose FL but still win via this map

            or this (I am putting in bare minimums,not  combining multiple flips)


            finally, the OTHER way to get to the nightmare 269-269 tie Trump House win (the first is based of him winning FL and WI)

            this map, all it takes for Biden to win is to flip ONE of ME-2 or NE-2 or any ONE of the other iffy Red states assigned to Trump here (those being PA, NC, FL, or even IA) as long as he wins the rest on thsi map, or loses a smaller one now Blue and it is replaced by a bigger one


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              Jim Lane
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              I agree with your gun-to-the-head prediction that, if Florida had to be called right now, it should be colored blue.  The Republicans have apparently failed in their attempt to reverse the referendum result and reinstate felony disenfranchisement.  The pandemic will impede the registration of these newly eligible voters, but it’s still a big potential boon to the Democrats (up and down the ticket).

              The biggest unknown is the broader impact of the pandemic and associated economic crash.  Will the downplaying of the problem (by Trump and DeSantis) be a factor?  Will Trump be able to shift the blame for his own failures, and persuade people not to change leaders in the midst of a crisis?  With our politics now so polarized, most Republicans will stick with Trump no matter what, but the early indications suggest that he’ll lose support among the swing voters.

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      Klobuchar is exactly the kind of candidate the DNC would build from scratch if that were possible. She is a woman, so she makes good on that rather premature promise. But she balances her gender with views and positions about as far to the right as most Democrats would dare to go. She made it very clear in the primaries that she has no tolerance for progressive demands, that she values electing Democrats above being a Democrat, that she sees moral flexibility as necessary to winning in her purple state. She looks like an effective campaigner, someone who can confuse an audience into believing she is on their side, all sides, no side, front side, back side, whatever you want to hear. She would be a very safe choice.

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        Great reply. She is indeed an archetypal neoliberal corpodem’s wet dream. She also is extremely unfit temperament wise, as she is a viscous hater of underlings, and is prone to rages (she is quite Trumpian in that respect.)

        The Dummicrat powerbrokers love to win with a candidate that they SHOVE down voters throats. It is a pure power/dominance play. They live to pwn the progs. They are so obsessed with it, that, as many have said, they would rather lose than win with anyone remotely prog in terms of actual governance. The only exception to the shove-down throat meme was Obama, as he was a once-in-a-lifetime super charismatic person, who faced up a a prog, but deep down they knew he would govern as a corporatist war-monger.

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      would be even further f you to progressives after her no we can’t primary camapgin.she would be worse than Kaine.

      at least she helps make case for me progressives should never bother with dems ever again.

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      I thought it would be Klobuchar when Biden described what he was looking for in a running mate. She seem to fit the bill.

      Then there was this (Freudian Slip?)…



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      So two of the 3 worst candidates that ran in the primary would lead the ticket.

      Sounds about right.

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        The only reason Klobuchar is even mentioned ANYWHERE is that she outright lied in the debate before NH and accused Buttigieg (who would have won NH in a cakewalk if not for this) of saying HE said (that he was speaking about himself) he would rather watch cartoons instead of all the bullshit going on, when that was a complete CLIP-JOB and left out the part that he was talking about disinterested voters and that the Dems needed to reach out to those people. It was the only time Pete did not smack back a bogus attack, and (although he did sort it later, by then it was too late, she drew off a lot of votes from Pete) it allowed her to surge in NH (it was the only state she did well in, she was shit everywhere else, and dropped out and endorsed Biden before the MN primary) and stopped (even though he tied for first) his momentum, and raised her national profile, thus allowing her to lumber on for a bit.

        If that had never happened, the ONLY difference in the overall outcome would be no Klobuchar mentioned anywhere, Biden still would have won, Buttigieg still would have got smashed in NV, SC, etc etc, and dropped out and endorsed Biden. It was the the 2nd biggest debate event (in terms of actual outcomes in voting) other than Warren’s utter DESTRUCTION of Bloomberg.

        If Klobuchar is picked as VP and somehow end up POTUS in 2024 or 2028, THAT was the true point where she was able to thread the needle, even as an utter loser, and get on the conveyor belt. I doubt she herself even understands this.

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      B Calm
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      The DLC didn’t learn anything in 2016 and they prefer Trump over Bernie in 2020, so they’ll get their wish!

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      Yup, just like a freshly opened bag of cow manure.

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      Crude as hell but true, they need to keep their pretense of caring about minorities.

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        Only 7 possibilities there really (Michelle Obama I doubt would do it, and I doubt ever runs for POTUS period)

        Kamshaft (deffo in the top 3 odds-wise)

        Stacey Abrams (probably their best overall option out of any woman, from an upside perspective, but Groper is risk-adverse)

        Susan Rice (main downside for Biden is that putting her on the ticket re-opens Benghazi)

        Val Demmings (a black Klobuchar with even less experience)

        and 3 wild cards

        Keisha Lance Bottoms (Mayor of Atlanta, would be a high-risk move by the risk-adverse Groper, even more than picking Abrams)

        Muriel Bowser (Mayor of DC, Bloomberg wanted her for his VP)

        and the ultimate wild card, Oprah (crazytown, but here you are, anything is possible after Trump won)

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      Babel 17
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      And Cory Booker could be her running mate. His girlfriend is Rosario Dawson, and that ticket could be seen by them as their best bet for losing the least amount of Sanders supporters while staying true to their horrible selves.

      Lol, maybe they could tease the idea of Clinton being a possibility and then expect everyone to be relieved when they deny that. 🙂

      All kidding aside, that would be a pretty decent “lose with dignity” ticket for the party. One woman, one person of color, zero men accused of being sexual predators, zero Hunter Bidens. If Trump stumbles it could even win.


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      Biden/Klobuchar is even less exciting and inspirational than my husband’s college statistics prof who stood at the blackboard with his back to the few students who bothered to show up and spent the hour scribbling and mumbling to himself.  That ticket could not get any more boring and useless.

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