Now That Everybody Is for Medicare for All, Opponents Say Let’s Dilute It

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      So when the Times’ Pear concludes his article with a quote from John C. Gorman that we should do “Medicare Advantage for All,” allowing the insurance companies to determine payment for care but heavily regulated “like utilities,” he posits a false “third way” that would still allow the insurers to set the providers we can access, how long we are in a hospital, when procedures, prescriptions and tests are covered, all based on their business model. And, of course, this assumes the insurers would go along with “heavy regulation” of their profits.

      In light of the almost approved merger of CVS-AETNA, the new Buffet-Bezos-Dimon joint benefits corporation, and consolidation of hospitals into regionally dominant corporate chains, financing healthcare through Medicare Advantage plans as Gorman suggests, would establish another corporate silo, subjecting our health to the dictates of profit and market share, subsidized by our taxes.

      Those looking for a silver bullet—like an individual buy-into Medicare for those 55 and over, which relieves the insurers of having to cover their most expensive patients, and undermines the social insurance model of Medicare, or the Medicare Advantage model—only highlight how much existing Medicare is already privatized. In addition to Parts C and D described above there are the Part B out patient and co-pay plans costing $134/mo for most. True enough and likely the cause for why low-income seniors will be paying 40% of their income on average for healthcare by 2030. In truth, Medicare needs to be improved by un-doing all the cost-sharing seniors, like workers, increasingly bear.

      Perhaps not surprisingly, these Medicare Advantage plans are hugely popular in Congress. GOPers and Democrats like the lower cost/broader benefit package, and who wouldn’t, especially if it doesn’t disrupt your donors business, and you can dole out dollars to them? As long as corporate money funds elections, and the healthcare industry has seemingly endless monies to buy lobbyists and make contributions, individually or through PACs, we cannot expect the Democratic leadership to lead for what we need.

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      There is no alternative to Medicare for All.

      I would like to remind you that U.S. health insurance companies do not contribute anything to health care. They are only a PARASITIC middle man receiving an undeserved cut of "FREE MONEY".


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      all others are cheap knock offs….

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