Now the DNC has the cover to drop Biden

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      If Bernie remained in the race, replacing Biden would be met with much more blowback.  Announcing the decision arrived at in the convention’s smoke filled back room could have been tumultuous, whether they decided to run with Cuomo or someone else who’s main qualification is they aren’t Sanders. Now, with Bernie laying down his arms, they are free to do what actually is the right thing, and stop the elder abuse of a deeply incapable and uninspiring candidate.

      They now have to choose if its better to swap soon, or to try to avoid the vetting, the smear campaigns, avoid the eventual cooling off period every candidate endures.  Ride the novelty and non-Joe momentum by announcing someone new 6 weeks before the election.

      Joe’s VP pick just became a lot more important. That person would have their defenders as well.

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      Red Cloud
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      Just like in sports. when the champ (Chimp in this case) gets defeated, the winner is always the one that got eliminated way back in time. Makes a lot of sense.

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      He’s just suspended his campaign.  He’s still collecting delegates and could conceivably win.   I don’t think they can dump Biden unless he fails to get a majority of delegates going in.   I wonder if Bernie got something for dropping out now, like a say in the VP pick.

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