NY Times Already Smearing Bernie For 2020

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      The Jimmy Dore Show

      Published on Dec 21, 2018

      vote for nobody

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      It’s complimentary to Bernie – it says that he is a policy leader and the Dems have fallen into line behind him, and he is rightly enough happy (exultant) about it.

      Dumb segment.  Dore attempting to convince me that a harmless, actually upbeat paragraph has some  eeeeevil hidden meaning, reminds me of when parents claim that Ozzy Osborn lyrics are really prayers to Satan if played backward.  Okay, dad….  your imagination is running away with you a bit.

      (Also:  If Dore and his guests don’t know the meaning of “exulted”, they should really keep that to themselves.)

      Dore may be an emperor to some, but he’s got no clothes in this one.

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