Oath Keepers Plotting Before Capitol Riot Awaited ‘Direction’ From Trump, Prosecutors Say

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      Chilling new details emerged on Thursday about the plot by the Oath Keepers militia group to attack the Capitol as prosecutors said that members discussed a brazen plan to ferry “heavy weapons” in a boat across the Potomac River into Washington and began training sessions “for urban warfare, riot control and rescue operations” well before Election Day.

      The new accounts about the Oath Keepers’ role in the Capitol assault came on the third day of former President Donald J. Trump’s impeachment trial and included allegations that a member of the militia group was “awaiting direction” from Mr. Trump about how to handle the results of the vote in the days that followed the election. “POTUS has the right to activate units too,” the Oath Keepers member, Jessica M. Watkins, wrote in a text message to an associate on Nov. 9, according to court papers. “If Trump asks me to come, I will…”

      Shortly after the three militia members were arrested last month, prosecutors said that they were some of the first rioters to have planned their part in the attack on the Capitol instead of merely storming the building spontaneously. Federal agents said that Mr. Caldwell, a 66-year-old former Navy officer, had advised his fellow militia members to stay at a particular Comfort Inn in the Washington suburbs, noting that it offered a good base to “hunt at night” — an apparent reference to chasing left-wing activists. Ms. Watkins, a 38-year-old bar owner from Ohio, apparently rented a room at the hotel under an assumed name, the agents said…


      In a pair of court papers filed on Thursday, prosecutors offered further evidence that the three Oath Keepers planned the attack, citing text messages reaching back to November. In one message from Nov. 16, prosecutors say, Mr. Crowl told Mr. Caldwell, “War is on the horizon.” One week later, court papers say, Mr. Caldwell wrote Ms. Watkins saying he was “worried about the future of our country,” adding, “I believe we will have to get violent to stop this.”

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      As in go down to the river Styx,  swear your silly little oath, pay Charon your fare, and he will take you to see @Satan.

      Enjoy the heat Oaf Bleepers!

      Corporate America consists of totalitarian entities laser-focused on short-term greed.

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      The Oath Keepers aren’t the ones on trial – at least now.

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        some people will buy nothing less than trump tweeting

        “Hey peeps, storm the capitol, kill pence and pelosi, take congress hostage and torture them til they vote for me!”

        which of course he’d never say.

        but you don’t need a direct confession to convict a murderer either.

        the same people who didn’t watch the presentation of evidence

        will decide via their own gut



        Roger Stone Used Oath Keepers as Security on the Eve of the Capitol Riot


        Video surfaces showing Trump ally Roger Stone flanked by Oath Keepers on morning of Jan. 6

        In the video, which was obtained and reviewed by ABC News, Stone takes pictures and mingles with supporters outside a D.C. hotel as Oath Keepers hover around him, one wearing a baseball hat and military-style vest branded with the militia group’s logo.

         “So, hopefully we have this today, right?” one supporter asks Stone in the video, which was posted just after 10 a.m. on the morning of the rally. “We shall see,” Stone replies.

        It is not known to what they were referring.

        Stone has maintained that he played “no role whatsoever in the Jan. 6 events” and has repeatedly said that he “never left the site of my hotel until leaving for Dulles Airport” that afternoon. He has also decried attempts to ascribe to him the motives of the people around him.



        As Jan. 6 and the inauguration approached, Ohio bartender and militia leader Jessica Watkins was “awaiting direction from President Trump,” prosecutors say.

        “In another November text, Watkins expressed concern about taking action without Trump’s blessing, saying she thought it was “an elaborate trap” and that unless Trump “himself activates us, it’s not legit…”

        The memo says Watkins got her “desired signal” from Trump at the end of December when he tweeted that all MAGA supporters should come to the Jan. 6 “Stop the Steal” rally. She told Crowl about the plan to go to D.C. because “Trump wants all able-bodied Patriots to come.”




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          and here’s some more on that connection to stone:

          The article says that besides using Oath Keepers as his security on the 5th:

          1.  Stone has documented connections to e.g. Proud Boys, who rallied in support of him when he was in court in 2019 and used them as security in 2018
          2.  Stone spoke at the protests in DC on the 5th, before the “Stop the Steal” rally
          3. One of the Oath Keepers (Caldwell) allegedly got a Facebook message when he was inside the Capitol saying legislators were in the tunnels under the capitol: “Seal them in. Turn on the gas.”
          4. Stone was a mover in the “Brooks Brothers riot” to prevent a recount of the presidential vote (Bush 2) in Miami-Dade
          5. An excerpt from the speech Stone made on the 5th: now wtf do you think the Dark Lord himself is talking about?

          “This is nothing less than an epic struggle for the future of this country between Dark and Light, between the godly and the godless, between Good and Evil,” Stone bellowed to the crowd on January 5. “And we will win this fight—or America will step off into a thousand years of darkness. We dare not fail!” 

          “I will be with you tomorrow—shoulder to shoulder!” he added.


          Roger Stone is one of the dirtiest, nastiest political figures I can think of.


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      Haven’t been listening to that much of the impeachment trial, but one alleged dot to be connected is that those Oath Keepers said they were waiting for Trump to say go, regarding their perceived mission.
      It’s upsetting that murderers and would-be murderers are often delusional and it’s also upsetting that these people had military training and were probably rational when it comes to being able to carry out a “mission.” Regarding the psychosis, reminds me of the man who was convicted of being Son of Sam (mass murderer) who said he was taking orders from his neighbor’s dog named Sam. However, Wikipedia and its sources say he later admitted that story was invented, to try to earn an insanity defense.
      Could be said (probably beyond reasonable doubt) that Trump was a delusional-friendly leader plus pretty psychotic himself.

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      This seems like a good *start* of an investigation, of any linkage between Trump Himself, inner circle of loonies, etc. to the organized activity of Jan. 6. But the Dems seem not ready to offer that in an impeachment trial.
      Connections could include: To maybe Donald’s favorite underworld lieutenant, Stone (who was pardoned on Dec. 23). Maybe Flynn. Who in turn may be a liaison with the groups who organized and brought the stun guns and knowledge of the Capitol floor plan, to DC Jan. 6. The organized were not that well-hidden among the spontaneous. That’s one problem with core groups trying to harness a mob and make it seem like there was no core group.
      I wonder though what kind of warrant the Dems need, to get ahold of texts and such between the possible players here. They could have used encrypted possible Presidential official methods, but would Trump or Stone go to that trouble?

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