Obama for Single-Payer Before He Was Against It

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      Davis nSirota TMI

      As Gov. Brian Schweitzer warmed up the crowd Friday for President Barack Obama, he paid a lengthy compliment to a health-care system that leading Democrats, including the president, have declared “off the table” as a reform here: the Canadian single-payer system.

      “Did you know that, just 300 miles north of here, did you know they offered universal health care 62 years ago?” he said, referring to Canada’s system of providing government-funded health insurance for all citizens…

      Most of the crowd of 1,300 in the Gallatin Field Airport hangar roared in approval.

      Schweitzer also noted how former Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas, considered the father of the Canadian health system, was recently voted in a nationwide poll as Canada’s most popular person in history…

      Minutes later, Obama made it clear that he does not favor adopting such a system in the United States.

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      Obama, actually, was and is a tool in the service of Wall Street and the MIC.

      The comments for that 2009 article are really interesting.  Some already knew Obama would not do that. Others had hope.  One commenter said HIGHER TAXES!!!!!  as if we would not be paying high premiums any more.  One soul said Obama should sell this as saving companies money since they would not have to provide health insurance any more.  First, Obama was already bought, he was never going to sell anything.  Second, Wall Street stands together.  Kickbacks, share that wealth.  People running companies and having health insurance stocks.  And who thinks people would get raises if single payer passed (Ha!) and companies did not have to pay for insurance.

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      Very interesting article including Tommy Douglas – “The Father of Medicare”

      Beating out Terry Fox, Pierre Trudeau, and Frederick Banting to be named the Greatest Canadian in a CBC poll is quite an accomplishment.

      Tommy Douglas — who was at times labelled a “Red” and a “Communist” by his political opponents — won the honour largely for his belief that every Canadian deserved the right to have quality health care, regardless of their economic or social situation.


      They named a lot of buildings after him in Canada, and one here in the US (Maryland).

      In 1910, when Tommy Douglas was six years old, he injured his leg and it never healed properly. Four years later he developed a life-threatening bone infection, and because his family couldn’t afford a specialist to treat it, the doctors wanted to amputate the leg to stop the infection from spreading. Tommy’s leg was saved only by chance -a teaching surgeon took an interest in the case and offered to operate on Tommy for free, provided that his students could watch the procedure and learn from it.

      Tommy never forgot the experience.







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      I knew a couple of die-hard Obama supporters who believed Obamacare would give everyone an ‘ObamaCare Card’ which they could use anytime they go to the doctor or the hospital. It was good marketing by Obama, politicians and the media convincing many voters that Obamacare was something it wasn’t.

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      They all “know” differently, and thus, plug the lies that it’s more expensive when it isn’t more costly to employers, but providing health insurance sure offers a way to reduce that employer’s taxable income.

      May favorite line from this article –

      It’s what we’ve known all along: we can’t trust the insurance industry with health care reform.

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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