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  • Jefferson23 (7274 posts)
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    Obama hands scramble to save Iran deal

    * So how many Dems will help save the deal?

    Democratic insiders try to stop Trump from risking ‘war,’ with former president’s tacit blessing.


    09/15/2017 03:03 PM EDT

    As President Donald Trump threatens to blow up the Iran nuclear deal, Obama administration alumni are mobilizing to defend it.

    One-time aides to Barack Obama are holding meetings, contacting lawmakers and working the media in an urgent bid to prevent the dismantling of one of the former president’s signature foreign policy achievements.

    And yes, Obama is well aware of their efforts.

    It’s a loosely coordinated fight they successfully waged from the White House against congressional Republicans who repeatedly tried to scupper the deal. It’s also a battle they had hoped to avoid: After slamming the deal as a candidate, Trump has already passed up multiple chances to upend it.


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  • CalGoldenBear (1465 posts)
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    1. The Donald is such a self-absorbed, ignorant Doofus.

    He apparently pigeonholes or compartmentalizes nuclear proliferation, whether in Iran or North Korea, unable to connect the dots.  (He might be able to do that if there were dollar sign-dots, but otherwise …)

    Perhaps SecDef James Mattis, with a reputation as an intellectual and with quite a few years of military service in the Middle East, particularly Iraq, and also Afghanistan, might share some of his insights with the incompetent commander-in-chief, who knows little about the military, real or fictional.  (In a talk to some Air Force aviators, he praised Tom Cruise in “Top Gun,” not knowing that Top Gun is a naval aviation program.  Red Flag is the multi-service USAF counterpart).

    If anything, instead of trying to abrogate the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration, The Donald might consider the P5 + 1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council — U.S., UK, France, Russia, and China — plus Germany) as a model for a similar agreement with North Korea, perhaps with a peace treaty — Korean War hostilities were ended by the 1953 armistice — in the longer term.  In that respect, SecDef Mattis might get UN ambassador Nikki Haley involved in edumacating The Doofus about the nuclear realities, instead of badgering the Chinese and South Koreans to lean on Kim Jong Un.

  • Koko (4911 posts)
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    2. That was a pretty fair read…considering it's from Politico. And…

    I’ve been wondering where John Kerry has been.  He’s been busy!


    A former U.S. official who has recently spoken with Kerry said the ex-diplomat and senator remains in touch with his old colleagues in Congress, some of whom have reached out to him amid growing signs that Trump could challenge the deal. “A number have sought his thinking,” the official said.

    He added that Kerry is in “frequent touch” with European officials who played a crucial role in the multinational negotiation.

    “He’s said to them that they can’t let their feelings about Trump get in the way of expressing their commitment to the agreement, and he’s conveyed to them how essential their advocacy is in helping the reasonable people win the argument,” the former U.S. official said.

    The Wednesday call with reporters was organized by Diplomacy Works, a group launched in May to defend the nuclear agreement. Its advisory council includes Kerry and several other top Obama-era alumni.