Officer on video saying he'll 'choke you out' before man dies is charged with manslaughter

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      Body camera footage obtained Sunday shows a New Mexico police officer telling a man he’s going to “choke you out” before allegedly causing his death with what authorities described as a “vascular neck restraint.”

      The officer, Christopher Smelser, was charged Friday with involuntary manslaughter in the Feb. 29 death of Antonio Valenzuela. On the same day, the Las Cruces Police Department filed a letter of intent to fire Smelser.

      In a statement, chief Patrick Gallagher cited the conclusions of an autopsy report, which he received on June 4 and which listed Valenzuela’s cause of death as “asphyxia injuries due to physical restraint,” according to documents obtained by NBC News. Gallagher added that the department immediately prohibited the use of the vascular neck restraint.

      more at link

      Apparently if you have drugs in your system and the police kill you it’s all good.

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      I think we have officially come to the point where we have created the monsters who will kill under false pretenses.

      It’s way past time to choke the living shit out of contemporary police enforcement. I have YET to hear any one of these administrative police chief motherfuckers use the term, “community policing”, which is an attempt to go back to the old school where officer bumfuck walks the beat and interfaces the local denizens.

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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        @mrmickeysmom At least his gun only had one bullet and the only person he ever injured was himself.

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