Oh Pete, Pete. What have you won?

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      For the paranoids among us, or is it the realists, it is looking like the DNC “APP” had some kind of vote shifting function to Mayo Pete.  He was all ready to declare victory and I think I saw some indication that the DNC results have (or at least had) him leading.

      It is looking like Bernie’s precaution of having hard data from 40% of the precincts may have thrown a wrench in the planned theft.  I am surprised (and pleased) that Bernie’s data was strong enough to force them to stop the scheme, at least temporarily.

      Assuming they are doing the same thing in states with primary voting, like NH, will it be possible to catch them there also?  I wonder if Bernie can collect precinct level data from the voting machines so that he can prevent theft of those votes.

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      Perhaps Pete was so quick to claim victory because that was what had been planned to “happen”.  Biden’s got to be a bit confused though.  Front-runner to fourth place, not even viable in some caucuses.  Bloomberg buying a spot in the next debate.  Still can’t figure out why the DNC gave Bernie a spot.

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