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      Really I’m just finding out how to do this, but the story is alarming:

      For those who aren’t comic book geeks Richard C. Meyer is a comic book critic.  He has a muslim wife, an hispanic daughter from a previous marriage, and he is a RACIST!!!MISOGYNIST!!! – because he doesn’t like Marvel’s gender swapping characters and turning Captain America into a Nazi and drawing Carol Danvers  completely flat chested and foolish stuff like that.

      But what alarms me is the proposal to institute the Chinese government’s policy of “social credit score” – a policy of rewarding or punishing people based on their conformity to the latest “approved” dictate (note:  there was an article claiming that the system was designed by Mark Zuckerberg and that he plans to test it in America. I hope this is internet vaporware)

      Since my retirement I can get out of the loop (and even before) but I’m certain that there really is a serious movement to install a totalitarian dictatorship based on identity politics pretending to be “progressive”, I just have no idea how big it is. On the internet it is easy to make 5 people look like 5 million.

      Gamergate, a similar movement that started when a gaming reviewer gave a glowing review to her live in lover’s game that he allegedly did not deserve – it went viral, then off the rails as misogynistic trolls and identity politics feminists took over. I asked a friend if Gamergate’s trolls were 10 people or 10,000. She refused to even consider the question. (she might have been right)

      Now let’s press “sumit” and see what happens.

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