Okay. I get it now. Mike Bloomberg's favorite film is "Blazing Saddles."

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      I am not making this up.  I was about to post a thread about Bloomberg’s attitudes toward women, the set up being, ‘does he think he’s Mel Brooks?’  Wasn’t ready to post, so closed it.

      Then just now doing a related search, I found this Buzzfeed list, and according to this list, comedies are what he likes, Blazing Saddles, Animal House, Bananas, etc.:


      Which probably goes some way towards explaining, if the #MeToo claims about him are true, what motivated him to make so many disaparaging remarks about women, and given the racial humor in Blazing Saddles, perhaps other controversial remarks he’s made (about minorities):


      This is not about being a apologist for his offensiveness.  This is, rather, shedding light on what kind of world gave birth to someone like him?  Well, the 70’s:  era of Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Studio 54, bell bottoms, and a young Woody Allen being considered a sex symbol.


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      But I bet not for the same reasons.

      It was over the top satire

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      ..probably not for the same reasons he did.

      He saw Animal House as a documentary..like George did.I saw it as a total spoof.

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      The Red Menace
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      There seems to be a lot of people who assume the humor value in Blazing Saddles comes from the slurs. Like “n****r” is the punchline or something. These people are usually either lamenting “you can’t make a movie like that today, things are too PC” or on hte flip side, arguiong that the movie is offensive and racist.

      Both points of view are wrong.

      For the first, it’s true you couldn’t make a movie like Blazing saddles today – but not because of its racial humor (just ask Quentin Tarentino) . You couldn’t make Blazing Saddles today… because the genre that Blazing saddles is a parody of is a dead genre. “Black hat vs. White Hat westerns” are not a thing… and haven’t been since Blazing Saddles. Because Blazing Saddles took that genre out back and killed it. Hell these days the westenr is barely clinging on as a genre, and is steadily just being absorbed as period pieces of other genres (as it should have been in the first place, but whatever, American cinema gonna American)

      For the second group, I get the feeling that either they haven’t watched the film, or they’re just white wokescolds playing for points on tumblr. Blazing saddles is not racist. it is adamantly, stridently, amazingly ANTI-RACIST. I’ve found that woke white people in general have a hard time understanding anti-racism in any form other than just saying “I’m against racism,” so let’s break it down for these poor souls.

      For starters, Blazing Saddles’ racial humor exclusively slaps against white people in the movie… and also against white norms in the industry. For instance, the scene where Bart talks about his family meeting “The entire sioux nation.” Mel Brooks rides up, in headdress and redface. real offensive, right? Except he takes it vastly over the top, by speaking Yiddish. “Schwartzes?! Na na, zeit nicht meshugge. LOZEN GEEEEEYYYYN! Abie gezint” The joke is about white people portraying Native Americans in westerns. He takes an offensive trope, and dismantles it by making it completely absurd. And the Sioux let Bart’s family go… with no word of what happened to the whites in the captured wagon train. Solidarity!

      The longest-running gag is a joke about white people inbreeding. Every person in Rock Ridge is named “Johnson” – they’re all related. Also it’s slang for “cock” which they are. All of them. They’re the ones slinging slurs, and the whole movie is about how ignorant, inept, and incompetent everyone in the town is. They are portrayed as so self-destructively racist, that there’s a point where they would rather lose their whole town than allow other white people in – “All right, we’ll give some land to the n****rs and the ch**ks, BUT WE DON’T WANT THE IRISH!” White people are the butt of every joke, from Slim Pickins making a damned fool of himself with his song and dance routine, to Madeline Kahn’s character and the ten-layer subversion of standards and expectations going on there… In fact the only white characters who’s NOT the butt of their own racist behavior is Jim – who serves as Bart’s sidekick, another genre inversion – and the main villain Hedley Lamarr (who’s very open-minded, he’ll even accept methodists! In fact he gets to use “Teutonic” as a slur, which is a new one.)

      Blazing saddles is an excellent movie, and one of a rare category of film – those that are genuinely, authentically subversive.

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        It must be a generational thing. I can’t figure out why ( some) lefties don’t understand Blazing Saddles. And the confusing thing is a lot of them are not so young.

        It (i.e. “Saddles”)  spoofs and undermines racISM; not race. It does so unambiguously and …. in a wonderful sort of way…. *mercilessly*.

        Your post is the best thing I’ve seen on here in a few weeks. You must like to ” keep your audience *riveted*.”


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          The Red Menace
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          I remember watching “Friday” with some friends once, and there was one guy who was just genuinely uncomfortable, because he thought laughing at black people doing shit in Compton would make him look racist. I mean… it’s a film about black people, by black people, starring black people, aimed at bringing ghetto humor to a wide audience. The intent is to get your ass laughing, whatever shade that ass is. But this dude was so worried about looking racist if he enjoyed it.

          I don’t think it’s a generational problem – I know plenty of Boomers and X’ers who are assured that the slurs ARE the humor in Blazing Saddles, and just as many who, like that guy i mentioned, are just uncomfortable with hearing them at all and think their very presence makes a work innately racist. I think that part might just be a “white people problem”

          A bigger problem is just the astounding media illiteracy of Americans. we don’t tend to put a lot of thought into what we watch, read, or hear. Usually things are taken at face value and left at that. I don’t imagine a majority of American film-watchers have really sat and thought about the subtexts of Blazing Saddles, what it means in relation to the period, the genre being lampooned, even the choice of actors matters. To a majority of watchers, it’s just a funny movie where you get the occasional shock of the N-word being used openly (and it was a shock at the time, too – you didn’t use language like that in cinema! Things weren’t different from now in that regard, at least)  but hte whys of the movie are just left hanging.

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