Only Medicare For All Can Beat Covid

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      The U.S. has coped with Covid-19 far worse than any other country on the globe. Though much, much of this catastrophe of over 170,000 dead can be laid at Trump’s door, some of it has to do with the uniquely awful American system of for-profit health care. Those words, “for profit,” mean that the U.S. public health infrastructure, always stunted, had completely shriveled by the time the plague struck. Other countries dealt better with covid because they have different health care systems – single payer or Medicare for All systems, in other words, ones that are, to varying degrees, socialized.

      Bernie Sanders campaigned on Medicare for All. If he hadn’t been knocked out of the race in South Carolina by the actions of Representative James Clyburn, just as the pandemic struck and killed the economy, causing tens of millions to lose employer-sponsored health insurance just when they became sick, we would have a decent shot in November at finally wrestling this pestilence under control. Because that can only be done with a different health care model, like Medicare for All. Rep. Clyburn thus has the singular distinction and the unique spot in history of having made that impossible. Which means we have no hope of beating covid.

      If Trump wins, there will be more bluster about getting rid of Obamacare and replacing it with the imaginary “best health care system ever.” In short, nothing will happen. If Joe “I’d veto Medicare for All” Biden wins…well, he’s already told us what he’d do and it speaks for itself. So both candidates guarantee more status quo, more covid, more overwhelmed hospitals, more dead Americans. From the virus’ perspective, it makes little difference whether Trump or Biden wins. Either way, covid has a free-for-all. The only thing that could have stopped it was Sanders’ Medicare for All, now consigned, fortuitously as far as for-profit health care moguls are concerned, to the dustbin of history.

      There are some qualified judgments to make regarding Biden and Trump. Biden will doubtless install better, more professional staff to deal with the pandemic and will listen to scientists and doctors. He will not dismiss the tragedy of covid as a hoax, nor lie and say it will disappear. One assumes Biden will promote vigorous testing and contact tracing. He has already sensibly called for a nationwide mask mandate, causing Trump to retreat at this refreshing display of leadership into defensive platitudes about not playing politics with the disease. But without tackling the whole, demented medical system, there is little hope that Biden can stop this monster.

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      Yes, it is the logical answer to this and future pandemics, but all I’m hearing from him is Vote Blue No Matter Who because Trump Bad! There’s no pressure whatsoever on Biden to change his position from the progressive Dems right now, when it might actually have a chance of doing something because he needs progressive votes, all in the service of promoting the illusion of unity against the Bad Orange Man.

      Not to mention promoting the lie that the Democrats can be moved to the left after they’re in power.

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