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    Opinion: Bernie Sanders Can't Unify a Party that Disrespects Him

    Bernie Sanders Cannot Unify a Party That Disrespects Him and His Supporters

    The Democratic Party derides its most popular politician at its own expense
    By Michael Sainato



    Perez was selected by the Democratic establishment specifically to prevent a Sanders’ supporter from running the DNC. Every other DNC official position that was up for election was filled with Clinton loyalists and surrogates. Though the Democratic Party claims that it’s unified against President Donald Trump, they haven’t made any concessions to progressives to earn that unification. In an effort to exploit his popularity, the party appointed Sanders as head of outreach, and Ellison was given the fabricated concessionary position of DNC deputy chair.




    While avoiding accountability and reform, Democrats continue to attack progressives and tell them to fall in line behind the establishment.



    On February 26, Maine’s Portland Press Herald published an editorial written by former State Senator Cynthia Dill titled, “Democrats need to cull the fringe-starting with Bernie Bros.” Blue Nation Review’s Peter Daou tweeted a similar response claiming that Trump used all of Sanders’ attacks against Clinton and that he fell victim to Trump’s strategy of baiting centrist Clinton supporters from continuing attacks on progressives, leaving Democrats disjointed and fragmented.



    With attitudes like these among the Democratic Party, it isn’t surprising that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election and Democrats across the country have suffered drastic losses up and down the ballot. Democrats somehow think that attacking progressives is a good strategy to get them to fall in line so that Democrats can start winning elections again. There are few strategies that could be worse for the Democratic Party than continuing to attack the supporters of its most popular politician.

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    • Fordfairlanestl (1131 posts)
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      1. It was rigged

      in the primary. It was rigged with the DNC vote. I have to agree with the subject of this post. It certainly makes sense to me. Perhaps now is the time to go on his own. He has the popularity, and I think there are enough progressives in this country to win. People on both sides of the aisle are sick with the establishment. How else could have Trump won?

      There is no one like Bernie Sanders. NO ONE!!! The cause is right!!  The time is NOW!!! Note: I ONLY vote for grass root progressive politicians that support: "Single Payer", "Tuition Free College", "15 bucks an hour". That is all.....
      • Enthusiast (10264 posts)
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        15. Plus One! That deserves a special photo.

        "The NSA’s capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything. There would be no place to hide."  Frank Church "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." - Frederic Bastiat, 1848
        • Fordfairlanestl (1131 posts)
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          18. :)

          Thanks   :)

          There is no one like Bernie Sanders. NO ONE!!! The cause is right!!  The time is NOW!!! Note: I ONLY vote for grass root progressive politicians that support: "Single Payer", "Tuition Free College", "15 bucks an hour". That is all.....
    • 99thMonkey (3780 posts)
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      2. Wow .. says if all, and points Bernie in ONE direction, AWAY

      from the Democratic fold.  Come on Bernie, Let’s 3rdParty!

      The Dem ‘tent’ is rapidly shrinking … with each stupid self-serving utterance.

    • goodgirl (2184 posts)
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      3. They are just batshit crazy to even consider a run by Her in 2020.

      I don’t want to ever hear again about how smart she is.  How many times does she have to be beaten before she gets the message that she will NEVER be elected President.  NOT EVER.

      Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.    John F. Kennedy
      • sorechasm (118 posts)
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        21. Paid to lose elections for 25 years by ALAC and other corporatists,

        why would the Clinton establishment stop now? The whipping that Democrats took in 2016 was a huge win for ALAC, and the corporatists.

    • Scuba (3976 posts)
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      4. Which is it. Do they disrespect him or is he their most popular politician?

      Oh, wait.  I see the author has conflated the Dem party leadership with the Dem party rank-and-file.

      Funny how that keeps happening, almost like some agency is trying to convince Democratic voters to abandon their party ’cause it’s hopeless, doncha know?

      • Buddyblazon (3 posts)
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        5. He is the lefts most popular figure with the overall electorate…

        He is, however, despised by many rank and file democrats. Essentially the career losers have a problem with him. The “watch us snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” wing of the Democratic Party. The ones that gave us Dukakis…and Mondale…and Kerry.

        Those folks wouldn’t know a good candidate if it bit them in the ass. They offer up the same corporate, milquetoast, ho-hums over and over again. Decade after decade.

        The fact they can’t recognize their shit candidate drags down the entire country by repeatedly losing to unintelligent sociopaths is a major problem. Because the rank and file are insistent on trying to bang a square peg through a round hole.

        • Scuba (3976 posts)
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          6. Despised by many? You got a source for that?


          A Fox News poll last month showed Sanders’s 60 percent favorable rating was nearly twice as high as his 34 percent unfavorable rating. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll around the same time showed 51 percent liked Sanders and just 29 percent disliked him. CNN a few weeks prior pegged the split at 59/35.




          And those unfavorable (not despised) ratings includes Republicans, who despise anything associated with a socialist!

          • Buddyblazon (3 posts)
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            10. I'm just saying the rank and file Third Way Dems.

            And I’ll admit that’s purely anecdotal. Personally, I’ve been a fan for over a decade as he’s always espoused the exact policies I know this country needs…and he’s never waivered from those stances.

            We’re confronted with an old tale of our species: a few control the outcome for the many.

            I could deal with it if the results weren’t incompetent nutballs like Twittler and the Shrub.


            • Scuba (3976 posts)
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              12. I think most common usage would be that …

              … “rank and file” and “Third Way Dems” are two very distinct groups.


              Most rank and file Dems never heard of the Third Way and have no idea their party has been hijacked.

              • Rocker (551 posts)
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                16. You got a source for "rank and file" and "Third Way Dems" are distinct?

                They both reek of corruption, election rigging, war mongering, corporatism and party loyalty/cronyism above all else.  Sanders is an outlier in the D party which is why he attracts many of the 40% of voters who call themselves independents.

                BTW, the WP isn’t a source for anything but DNC propaganda.

                • Scuba (3976 posts)
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                  17. Please tell me how rank and file Dems reek of election rigging?

                  How does the average Dem in the boonies engage in corproratism?

      • Common good (28 posts)
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        14. "Though the Democratic Party claims that it’s unified . . ."

        Though the Democratic Party claims that it’s unified against  P̶r̶e̶s̶i̶d̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶D̶o̶n̶a̶l̶d̶ ̶T̶r̶u̶m̶p̶ Senator Bernie Sanders”


      • FanBoy (7985 posts)
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        20. Why do you think that agency would be trying to get democrats to abandon

        the party?  Where would they expect them to go?

        • Scuba (3976 posts)
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          22. That "agency" would be hoping they go nowhere.

          It should be obvious that the right would be well-served if the Democratic Party were to collapse.

          • FanBoy (7985 posts)
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            23. how would the right be served if there were no opposition party? wouldn't

            that make the game too obvious for even the dimmest of bulbs?

            • Scuba (3976 posts)
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              24. They'd just morph into the Repubs and the Tea Party Patriots …

              … or some such nonsense.


              The Republicans have been trying to kill the Democratic Party for decades – union-busting, gerrymandering, smears, investigations,  infiltration, anything that works.  They’d love to stand unopposed and those who want to “burn down” the Democratic Party are helping them.

              • FanBoy (7985 posts)
                Profile photo of FanBoy

                25. isn't that basically what we have right now though?

                the pseudodems and the tea party patriots?  (also pseudo as they love big govt for some things)

                • Scuba (3976 posts)
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                  26. No. You're conflating the DNC with rank-and-file Democrats. Again.

                  • FanBoy (7985 posts)
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                    28. not conflating anything. i'm talking about the leadership, and their



                    also who they pick to run and who they support through the apparatus, including money sharing

    • Major Hogwash (2777 posts)
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      7. I totally agree, the Democrats can't stand Bernie, he is too honest for them.

      While they stand at the front doors of Congress, with their hands out to every lobbyist in town, begging for more money, Bernie talks about the issues that are important to the majority of Americans, and leaves the Democrats behind him to grovel in the dust, on their knees.


      Trump moya marionetka ~ Putin  
    • libodem (1034 posts)
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      8. Yep

      Rise up grassroots. We need a functioning 3rd party. I love those Greens but they need a new identity.

      I never felt like a Green person and now I don’t feel like a Dem. This has been a hard year for me.

    • Cleita (2645 posts)
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      9. No argument from me.

      This is why I think trying to turn the official Democratic Party back to the policies of FDR is flogging a dead horse.

    • Buddyblazon (3 posts)
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      11. As an andecdote…

      After 13 years at DU…I had a gang of blue dog Third wayers tell me that I am not a democrat and it’s time for my unrealistic ass (and assumingly all the other Bernie supporters) to step aside and go away….

      and no one defended me in any way whatsoever.

      Its amusing:

      “HE’S NOT A DEM!”…


      These Third Way Dems are no better than many of the republicans they claim to despise.

      • beltanefauve (298 posts)
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        13. They're worse

        They’re supposed to be on “our side “.

    • FanBoy (7985 posts)
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      19. That's rich. THEY are the damned 'fringe'. Nobody wants 30 more

      years of this shit but the top 10%.

      May they all eat arsenic.

    • mick063 (2346 posts)
      Profile photo of mick063 Donor

      27. Habitual losing is the very definition of "Fringe"

      The Third Way has been fringe ever since Al Gore’s loss.

      Obama is an outlier as demonstrated by the huge ass whipping taken by the Democrats in 2010.

      "I welcome their hatred"    Franklin D. Roosevelt