Orthodox Borough Park Residents Burn Masks, Beat Dissenters Over COVID Lockdown

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      Orthodox Borough Park Residents Burn Masks, Beat Dissenters Over COVID Lockdown
      By Jake Offenhartz
      Oct. 7, 2020 9:35 A.M.

      Hundreds of members of Brooklyn’s Orthodox community stormed the streets and synagogues of Borough Park on Tuesday night to protest new coronavirus restrictions imposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

      Pledging “war” on officials and public health guidance, demonstrators clad in black religious garb set fires along 13th Avenue and tossed masks into the flames. They chased away NYC Sheriff’s Deputies while shouting “Jewish Lives Matter,” video shows, and attacked a photojournalist attempting to capture the scene.

      Another Orthodox man, who’d opposed the anti-mask crowd, was deemed a “snitch” and reportedly hospitalized after a mob of protesters beat him with rocks. His brother, Mordy Getz, told Gothamist that he was “severely” injured and knocked unconscious, but was doing better as of Wednesday morning.


      Residents in Borough Park have largely flouted public health rules on masks and gatherings, even as the positivity rate in the area has surpassed 8 percent, the highest in the five boroughs.

      (emphasis mine)

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      These are the people who throw rocks at women who dress “immodestly.”

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      Put up checkpoints and no one leaves without a COVID test.

      then wait a couple of weeks.


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      before they lit them…

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      Aren’t these the Chosen Ones? They figure they’re immune from anything!

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      How dare the government try to save their lives.

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      Years ago I was flying a charter from JFK  to Tel Aviv with orthodox followers making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. When they discovered the inflight meals weren’t completely kosher they tore the interior of our 747 apart and assaulted several flight attendants. We turned around and returned to JFK and had police waiting at the gate for us. One flight attendant went to the hospital with a broken nose and permanent eye damage. Damage to the aircraft was $100,000. There were no arrests. Despicable zealots.

      I’ve flown Muslims on the Haj a couple times from Kano, Nigeria. Except for wanting to cook in the aisles they behaved like civilized human beings.

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