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      Here at the Internet Archive, we want to wish all our users, donors, and patrons around the world a happy Valentine’s Day! Your charitable contributions help us survive and thrive, and your expressions of support mean the world to us. A library is the center of a community, and we’re so glad that readers, programmers, journalists, fans, teachers, students, and curious citizens everywhere are finding our collections useful.

      This weekend, we want to spread the love by sharing some of our most popular resources—the collections that have passionate fans and devoted admirers. Here are a few of our most beloved collections!
      The Grateful Dead Collection

      Pioneering rock band the Grateful Dead became famous for its psychedelic style, instrumental jams, and memorable live performances—which they allowed fans to freely tape, copy, and share. More than five decades after the band was founded, thousands of these recordings are available on the Internet Archive for Deadheads everywhere to enjoy!
      HIT IT
      The Software Library

      Sometimes you just need to sit back and relax with a vintage video game. While our software library contains thousands of programs from throughout computer history, by far the most popular items are our historic computer games. Visit the 70s by exploring old arcade games, boot up some 90s nostalgia with these MS-DOS games, or relive the early 2000s with our Flash collection!
      PLAY NOW
      The Old Time Radio Collection

      Before the advent of cell phones, computers, or even TV screens, broadcast media was dominated by the radio. For decades, radio shows were among the most popular forms of entertainment, with several programs that still resonate through pop culture today—including Gunsmoke, Dragnet, and The Adventures of Superman. Our Old Time Radio collection contains thousands of episodes for radio fans to enjoy!
      Genealogy Resources

      Ever wondered where your family came from? Want to learn more about your roots? Our Genealogy Collection is a popular resource for thousands of family history researchers. From census records to ship passenger manifests and heraldic crests to high school yearbooks, our collection contains countless stories waiting to be discovered.
      DIVE IN

      Is there anything better than a good story? Librivox is a collaborative project where enthusiastic volunteers read public domain books for everyone to enjoy—and the entire library is hosted on the Internet Archive. With titles ranging from The Art of War to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to Moby Dick, there’s an audiobook for everyone.
      We hope you find many more things to love as you explore our collections. Have a happy Valentine’s Day, and enjoy the archive!

      -The Internet Archive Team

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      This is a great asset.

      “As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.” Barbara Lee
      “Politicians and pro athletes: The only people who still get paid when they lose.” William Rivers Pitt

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      Omg, he’s Hillary Clinton’s spiritual ancestor, albeit more ethical and upfront about himself, and of more moderate appetites.


      Lol, he describes the horror of an Irish youth giving up whiskey so as to drink beer among Socialists.

      It’s like reading The Onion, but the guy was for real.


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      Thanks, I’m a big Wayback Machine fan, and these are great links!

      Just wondering if there is a link to the above “Most-Loved Collections” announcement? I assume it’s for Valentine’s Day. I’ve looked around on archive.org, haven’t found it.  Or was it an email?

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        It had a collection of links embedded in it, so basically I just copied everything over into my original post. There was no link to an announcement page, though I can see how that could be useful. They do link to their homepage though.


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