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  • davidthegnome (3418 posts)

    Our Resistance is NOT futile.

    My friends… I believe my recent break from most things of a political nature has helped to renew my spirit and given me something of a perspective shift.  I do not mean to be preachy, or to blow sunshine up anyone’s ass.  It’s never been my way to call shit anything but shit, as I see it, at least.

    Looking around the last several days, reading so many posts, seeing such intellect and passion has been grand – but I also keep seeing this idea that… We cannot win.  That our struggle is futile, our hopes and efforts to change the world in vain.

    I want to strongly, passionately argue against that point of view.  I have, in the past, given in to hopelessness and despair.  Some times the burden becomes too much for all of us… but that is when we must most strongly remember that we are not alone.  That we are engaged in that greatest of ancient struggles – the pursuit of good for the common good, in opposition to those who use, abuse, control, deceive and destroy us.  Who drain our faith and slay our hope.

    We are here today, with others of like hearts and minds… because we believe in something.  Perhaps no simple classification nor categorisation can be made, perhaps we cannot even adequately describe that something… not without reaching deep into the feelings, principles and thoughts that help shape the very core of our being.

    Nonetheless, as a writer it’s my job to try.  Compassion.  For ourselves, for each other.  Not the pursuit of a perfect world, but of one with less suffering and more kindness.  More trust than distrust – leaders who are worthy of our trust.

    Every change we seek, from the tiny to the world-changing, is not simply a possibility.  It is a probability, if we pursue it with courage, with strength… and just as importantly, with friends.

    Nothing which we imagine within our grandest dreams is impossible.  Each life has value, each is utterly worthy of dignity and respect.  I see the same proof of that here that I always have.  I see, too, change in the wind.

    In elections of the past, many of us fought for unprincipled leaders, for lesser evils, we fought each other for their sake.  We voted for them, we pretended to be their fans… blue, no matter who, right? Or was it simply that we had surrendered to the impossibility of integrity in politics?  Of decency surrounded by corruption?  Perhaps, for some of us, we had become so cynical we rarely considered virtue, compassion, or decency at all in our politics…

    I would like to point out… that has changed.  Sanders may have been the inspirational figure that helped bring it about- but it was each of us – and all of us that did so.

    The victory of or defeat of yesterday’s or today’s individual election is not the point – it never was.  It’s about us.  We made a Sanders challenge a threat.  We decided, against the odds and what seemed conventional wisdom – to challenge the corrupt and selfish in the name of decency and integrity.

    Each new progressive victory plays a part – but it is each of us that brings it about.  Our will, our faith, our strength in each other and ourselves… has already forever altered our politics and our Nation.  Even the world itself.

    We did not accomplish much by standing for the corporate servants of yesterday… but we have begun to accomplish everything by standing for the common good today.

    The United States… so often I have mocked that name.  Yet, it is through our unity – not among parties, class or categorizations of particular nature… but as people of common good will.. that we have ALREADY changed the world.  There is great reason for hope and faith, greater than we have had for many, many years.

    In the day to day struggle, when we become mired in the deep mucky shit of politics and these seemingly impossible problems… it is worth remembering – that we have won great battles.  And to borrow a couple of favorite quotes… We have not yet begun to fight.  They ain’t seen nothing yet.

    I take no exception and offer no insult or offense to anyone here.  I wish only to say…  we are already winning.  It may not be happening quickly, but it is happening.  It is our belief that makes it so, that changes the impossible, to the accomplished.

    I could not find a better group of people than we have here.  I could ask for no better representatives or brothers and sisters in this struggle.  Our fate is not sealed by doom and defeat – our fate is  to challenge and overcome the impossibilities of today and tomorrow.  Just like we did yesterday.

    Our struggle has great meaning, for it is the struggle for the common good.  Ultimately – the assholes always lose in the end – always.

    Love and respect to you all.

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8 replies
  • nevereVereven (5882 posts)

    1. Heartily recommended!

    Trump is a fool who may yet blunder us into war; the Dems and the Deep State cabal would give us war by design.

  • ThouArtThat (7922 posts)

    2. Resistance Is Never Futile – However, Hope May Be Misplaced

    It all depends on one’s personal timeline.

    Now 61, I have little hope that significant change will occur in my lifetime.  In other words before I expire.  And given what we know of historical efforts by Oligarchs, Corporations and Banks to undermine democracy, we should expect that wresting control from same will take as long as their efforts did i.e. roughly 40 years.  That timeline puts me in the grave.

    However, if one is young and healthy and can dream of a better future in 40 years, at about age 60 or so, hope is not misplaced.  And for those up for the fight, all have whatever support can be mustered.

    And for those that think this argument is delusional, rest assured that the Oligarchs, Corporations and Banks will not go down without a nasty fight.  With all their money, they have the luxury of time that working folks cannot conceive.  This means the only counter weapon is sacrificing many, many bodies in the effort to overcome their hegemony i.e. a war of attrition on the progressive side of the battle.  And all wars of attrition require effective long-term leadership, well thought out initiatives and superb execution.  The war will be won by fighting smarter than the opposition in each and every battle.

    "In America Today, Power Corrupts and Money Corrupts Absolutely" - Anonymous  
  • Tierra y Libertad (3326 posts)

    3. Resistance may or may not be futile. But, human kindness and decency isn't.

    That’s what I look for in politicians.  At least in some measure.   That often proves futile considering the politicians that are elected.


    But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants is the liberty of appearing. Thomas Paine

  • Charles (2729 posts)

    4. JPR rec. Great perspective and very well stated.

    Very refreshing to see some optimism and determination to move forward on the progress that’s been made.

    Thank you.

  • Ohio Barbarian (13444 posts)

    5. The honor is in standing up for what one knows in one's heart to be right.

    Well said, and thank you for a ray of positive energy while I sit here with a nasty cold and look out my study window at cold rain falling from a slate-gray sky.  :toast:

    No man ought to stay poor so another man can get rich. --Newton Knight
  • Deadpool (17658 posts)
    Computer Janitor

    6. On the Daily Radical!

  • Land of Enchantment (11993 posts)

    7. Bravo, David!!!!!!!

    Thank you for this beautiful and eloquent OP. This is exactly what I want to see more of here—your words resound loudly and bring encouragement and positivity. Yes, we are a relatively small group of members who all seek the same goals and outcomes of the progressive movement yet we are representative of a vastly larger awakening. This was all  brought to the forefront of American politics by the emergence of one Senator Bernie Sanders. He inspired countless citizens to run for office and each election cycle that number continues to grow exponentially.

    It takes a lot of mental energy to remain positive and hopeful, it takes zero to slip into negativity and bitterness. I too am tired of seeing  posts that bring us all down and sow seeds of futility and depression. Yes, we were all cheated in 2016 but it has been two years and we have to find the will to forge ahead and put our energy into motivating ourselves and each other to work together to make all of our lives better.

    As we prepare to launch JPR 3.0 we need to take your words to heart so that we can make our goals a reality. We have many who have kept the faith and are out there busting their rears to elect progressives.  I agree we have some excellent minds here, I learn something every day from our thoughtful posters and these productive discussions bring out all the good in us.

     “Our fate is not sealed by doom and defeat – our fate is  to challenge and overcome the impossibilities of today and tomorrow.  Just like we did yesterday.” –David the Gnome

         "Hope is the feathered thing that perches in your heart." ~ Emily Dickinson  
  • ravensong (2846 posts)

    8. ^git up^

    "Together, together, my friends, we have begun a political revolution to transform America, and that revolution, our revolution, continues!" ~  Bernie